Monday, April 15, 2019

Missing Hazel

Been missing my sister

Sometimes you wonder
 how a dainty little pug
 can fill so much space 
in your home and heart

Mom has been cleaning and washed all the dog beds
Most of you know that for Hazel's comfort there was a dog bed or two in every room as she had to be wherever Mom was. Mom would joke Hazel was getting her exercise going from room to room following her around.

I helped Mom sort through the dog beds.
We kept a few and we donated 9 beds
 to the Pocatello Animal Shelter.

We are going to take the rest of this week off from posting.
Mom wants to go through pictures and write a special memorial post for Hazel. 

Thank you friends for all your kind comments,
your love and support and for loving our sweet Hazel

Thank you Ann at Zoolatry for this beautiful badge

We are the PugRanch Kids
Angels Greta, Bailey and Hazel 

Friday, April 12, 2019

Hazel - Forever our Baby Girl

Our hearts are broken
Hazel made her journey to the Rainbow Bridge yesterday

 Our vet visit on Wednesday revealed that her heart was failing.
Thursday morning Hazel let us know she was ready to go. 
We spent a quiet morning loving her.
She passed peacefully,
held close in her Dad's arms
I held her paw and told her how very much we loved her.

Sophia's Hazelnut Starbaby CD RA CGC
11/07/04 - 04/11/19 

Wednesday, April 10, 2019

Worn out Wednesday

Wish we could say we had more good news for our Hazel
 but we have had a rough couple of nights

Visited our vet Monday afternoon to address her weakness and found that she was filled with fluid again, 
the Lasix no longer helping so we changed her diuretic.
 By evening she was feeling better. 
Then everything went to crap again, literally. 

Diarrhea was back and we were up a few times during the night. Yesterday it was all day. We ended up putting a tarp down on the living room floor, then towels and blankets, a couple of beds then put a pen around it. Stan sort of slept on the couch and me in the recliner. Up at 2:30, cleaned Hazel and the area up then tried to get more sleep.

Things seemed to have calmed down this morning. 
I got her to eat a few bites of oatmeal with bone broth yesterday, this morning she ate her eggs and had a little bath. We have another visit with our vet this afternoon.

Continued prayers and POTP appreciated

Love and Hugs
Mom, Hazel & Mabel

Monday, April 8, 2019

Hazel - Some Good news

Good Monday Morning!

Hazel's fourth morning with a solid poop!
She was also having a problem with 
(sorry for the grossness) 
a constant butt drool but that is just about resolved, 
her little bum is healing and she is sleeping much better

That is the good news

The concerns still -
She is have trouble getting around,
 her front legs are bothering her and her hind end is weak.
Good thing she doesn't weigh much 
and we can carry her around  

She is still being so so picky about eating.
Some things she used to love she now sticks her nose up at. 
Refuses pumpkin, yogurt, canned dog food
She likes scrambled eggs (plain thank you very much) in the morning,
not so much for dinner.  This morning I got her to eat a different flavor of Fresh Pet by hand feeding her one piece at a time.  Boy does she have Mom wrapped around her little paw.  

Thanks again for all the POTP and love and prayers
We love our friends

Mom, Hazel & Mabel

Friday, April 5, 2019

Kind of a Break Sort Of

Hello Friends

Our dear Hazel is still struggling to get well

Since our last post her diarrhea came back. 
We think we are getting the upper hand
 but Hazel's poor little bum is so so sore. 
With all this her arthritis is bothering her also.
Lot's of washing blankets, cleaning carpet 
and sleepless nights going on here.

We appreciate everyone's thoughts and prayers and advice
It all helps.

We are not going to worry about posting right now 
(we will keep you updated on Hazel)
We will be visiting and commenting when we can.

Gotta get our little girl feeling well again
we have an exciting adventure coming up in a few weeks

Hazel & Mabel