Monday, April 29, 2019

Remembering Hazel

Hazel's story started with two pugs 
that my daughter adopted

Buzz and Sophia

It did not take long before it was clear 
that Sophia was expecting

This little girl was the first born.
She had a white spot on her chest and they called her Star

I went to visit when the pups were 4 weeks old 
and fell in love with Star.

With 4 pugs at home 
we had no intention of getting another.

But how could we resist and soon there was 5. 

 I like hazelnut creamer in my coffee so little Star became
Sophia's Hazelnut Starbaby
better known as 

From the time she was little
 she aways had that huge smile!

Who could not love those big brown eyes and cute head tilt

One of my favorite pictures of young Bailey & Hazel 

Hazel enjoyed going to the obedience trials

She earned her Companion Dog Obedience Title

Also Rally Novice and Rally Advanced

But her favorite was the fun team competitions
She really enjoyed entertaining the crowd

She was the pawfect little clown

Summer of 2017 Hazel came out of retirement
 as part of the Old Duffers team
All four of the dogs were over 10 yrs old.
Once again she captivated the crowd 
with her bright smile and silliness

Hazel never minded dressing up

Whether it was in a grass skirt

Dressing up for a Blogville Party

In her penguin jammies

Or being a scary spider for Halloween

For Hazel, 

toys were not only to play with

they also made 

great pillows!

Queen of the camp trailer

Hazel was always a happy camper

Waiting for her favorite camping snack

May I have some popcorn??

Hazel's sweet disposition made her a wonderful big sister

She welcomed baby Greta

and then baby Mabel with love 

and oh so much patience

Hazel was known for her love of cherry tomatoes
it started when she was young

We had to put a fence around the plants 
as she would pick them right off the vine!

This is one of my favorite videos of Hazel
That moment she realizes 
that Dad is going to pick tomatoes

 My favorite word to describe Hazel was joyful. 
There was joy in her smile, her big brown eyes, 

 and her whole little body that wiggled with joy 
right down to the the tip of her curly pug tail.
How I miss those dancing feet and excited twirls

Forever our Baby Girl

Sophia's Hazelnut Starbaby
11/07/04 - 04/11/19

Friday, April 26, 2019

Hazel is Home

Hazel came home yesterday

She is laid to rest in the most beautiful box

Mom put the box on the floor for me to see

I sniffed it all over and gave it some kisses
It is comforting to have Hazel home again

Thank you to all our friends for the love and support 
and the beautiful cards.

I hope you will visit us on Monday 
when we will celebrate Hazel's life

Mabel & Mom

Wednesday, April 24, 2019