Friday, August 31, 2018

Start of School Sparks Memories

School started this week 
and the kids and school buses are out and about

Seeing the school bus go up our road 
 Mom couldn't help thinking of Mr Bailey.
For most of his life, 
every weekday morning when he heard the school bus
 he would race outside to bark at it as it went up the road.
That memory made Mom smile

Mom said I could share some of my first memories of Bailey from when I first joined the PugRanch almost 4 yrs ago

I looked up to Bailey

and I sensed right away 

that I needed to treat him with gentle respect

so he did not mind sharing a bed with me

I sure loved my big brother Bailey

We are the PugRanch Kids
Hazel & Mabel

Thursday, August 30, 2018

#ChewyInfluencer 30 day Challenge Post #2

A couple of weeks ago we told you how our friends at Chewy asked us if we would do a 30 day review of

Wild Frontier by Nutro with Lamb & Venison Meal 
Grain-Free Adult Dry Dog Food

You can read our first post HERE

The transition went easy peasy with no digestive problems and both Hazel & I are now eating 
100% Wild Frontier by Nutro kibble
(along with our usual toppers)

You can see that I am so excited for my meal

that I can't wait for Dad to put the bowl down

Hazel digs right in too

Mom is keeping a close eye on our coats and "output"
We will let you know in a couple of weeks 
our final thoughts.

Thanks again Miss Natalie and Chewy 
for giving us the opportunity to try this food

disclaimer: As a #ChewyInfluencer were provided this product free of charge in exchange for our honest review

We are the PugRanch Kids
Hazel & Mabel

Tuesday, August 28, 2018

Rainbow Bridge Remembrance Day

On this special day 
we would like to remember our Pug Angels
 waiting at the Rainbow Bridge

White Chang
My very first pug - adopted in her later years 
she started my love for this breed
 and I will be forever grateful

The original PugRanch Kids
MaoYen, Pugsley. Char Shu, McKenzie

Our Sweet Baby Olive
Those we hold in our arms for a little while
we hold in our hearts forever

My naughty girl
Gone much too soon
but I feel you every day in my heart 
and see you everyday in Mabel's eyes
There will never be a pug quite like you

Mr Bailey
How does the time pass so quickly, you have been gone a year
Miss you  our Handsome Man

We are the PugRanch Angels
White Chang, MaoYen, CharShu, Pugsley, 
McKenzie, Olive, Greta and Bailey

Forever Loved

Monday, August 27, 2018

Grandma Brag Day

It has been an exciting couple of months for our granddaughter

On July 1st she changed her last name

Now she is celebrating a change of rank to
Staff Sargent H. Cierra Burrell

This coming February
Cierra and Jacob will embark on a new adventure
 as they will be stationed in Germany.

Although it will be hard to think of them so far away,
we are so proud of their service in the Air Force, 
their commitment to excellence 
and all they have already accomplished together. 

We are the PugRanch Kids
Hazel & Mabel

Saturday, August 25, 2018

#ChewyInfluencer August Review

For our August review our friends at
were kind enough to send us

Merrick Lil' Plates Mini Medley Grain-Free Variety Pack

All recipes start with real meat, fish or poultry as the first ingredient for a high-protein meal, and include farm-fresh fruits and vegetables like apples, sweet potatoes, blueberries, peas and more. Made from locally sourced ingredients in the USA, these recipes deliver high-quality grain-free nutrition for a wholesome and balanced diet. 

The easy-open trays pack a lot of incredible nutrition into a         convenient, single-serving sized container made for 
                              small-breed dogs.

You can see the chunks of meat and real veggies!

I can't wait to test test

The chunks of meat in gravy 
makes a delicious topper for our kibble

 Merrick Lil' Plates Mini Medley Grain-Free Variety Pack comes with three flavors
Petite Pot Pie, 
Itsy Bitsy Beef Stew and 
Tiny Thanksgiving Day Dinner

Hazel & I like them all!!

disclaimer: As a #ChewyInfluencer were provided this product free of charge in exchange for our honest review

We are the PugRanch Kids
Hazel & Mabel

Friday, August 24, 2018

Nature Flower Friday

Time for Flower Friday with 

We are doing a nature post this week

For many years we always have a pair of doves
 that show up in the spring 
and stay close to our property

Dove sitting on top of our power pole 

Taking flight over to the snow crab tree!

Then we noticed something pretty special

The doves have nested in our tree!

We are very excited for little dovelets!!

We are the PugRanch Kids
Hazel & Mabel

Monday, August 20, 2018

Obedience Weekend

We apologize for not being around much the last few days

Friday, Saturday and Sunday
Mom & I were at the park in Idaho Falls

It was our favorite trial of the year
The Upper Snake River Valley Dog Training Club
Obedience and Rally Trials

We were entered in the Preferred Novice Obedience Class
Everything is the same as Novice except no group stays

Preferred Novice Exercises
On leash heeling pattern and figure eight
Leash removed - stand for exam
off leash heeling pattern
Sit or down stay while mom walks around ring
Recall - sit in front - finish (return to heel)
Sit stay while mom retrieves leash

Friday I did really well

My first qualifying score in Preferred Novice!

Saturday did not go as well
The judge was very tall and he had a deep loud voice
Although Mom said he was very nice, something about him did not set well with me. I was giving him the evil eye the minute we walked in the ring. I did not like it when he did the stand exam. Still we were qualifying until the recall. I barked at the judge to let him know he was too close. When Mom called me I went right on by her and that was that

I hung out in my camper cause our day wasn't over yet - 

we still had the fun Team competition

We were on the Clown Team

We had a blast entertaining the crowd with our shinanigans
and came away with 4th place ribbons

Then we were back on Sunday for another try at
Preferred Novice Obedience.
Mom & I were both happy to have the same judge 
we had on Friday

Yay! My second qualify!
 We only need one more to earn the title

And we weren't done yet!
After all the obedience classes were done

I was awarded a rosette for
Highest Scoring Dog in the Preferred Classes!!

We sure had a fun time

I also won $45 in gift cards
When are we going shopping Mom??

We are the PugRanch Kids
Hazel & Mabel

Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Wordless Wednesday

Nothing like a double bed for comfort!

We are the PugRanch Kids
Hazel & Mabel