Monday, September 29, 2014

More Thank Yous

We have some more thank you's

We received cards from
Dory and her brothers and Mom,
the Slimmer Pugs

and a card from NuVet Labs
Greta had been taking one their supplements
 and I had to call to cancel the autoship
How thoughtful of them to send a card

Thank you all for thinking of us

A sweet book came from Daisy the Scottie
for Angel Greta

Greta had participated in Daisy's digging contest
 during Safety Week
Thank you Daisy

And from our very special Tweedles

some cards and a precious night light

Thank you Tweedles and Moms
the soft glow warms our hearts

to Angus McConnell - run with joy, 
Angel Greta will be right there with you

 Now don't forget - Oct 4th is 
National Taco Day and
 we are going to honor our friend Jazzi

eat some tacos and share your favorite memory


Have you all been following the Mystery Kiss??

To visit Dory & Gang  Click HERE!

 and visit Taffy to see what is going on

We are the PugRanch Kids
Bailey, Hazel & Angel Greta

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Greta Pug Munchskin - Truly One of a Kind

Greta Pug Munchskin
02/22/2012 - 09/09/2014

Stan and I have been loved by pugs for more than 20 years. 
Of course they all have been different with different personalities and quirks 
but there had never been a pug quite like Greta.

A personality so much larger than her little body. 

Everyone who met Greta loved her, 
she was so full of fun and naughtiness.
What ?    Naughty?   Me?

Greta did everything with an intensity hard to match, 

whether it was having fun, eating, obsessing over her ball,

and of course her love for us.

As a puppy, almost everything with Greta was a challenge. Sometimes I would get so frustrated but I was determined to meet the challenge. Imagine a little 6 lb pug puppy so full of fight, I could hardly get a collar on her to go to puppy class. Finally the day came when she would stand excitedly for me to put her halter or collar on. 

She did not want to be held! OH NO! 
So it became a daily ritual for me to pick her up and hold her till she quit struggling. 
And after time it turned into our daily ritual for me to pick her up and hold her like a baby and we gave each other love and kisses, every day.

To describe her as naughty would be an understatement. 

 Always into something I could not let her out of my sight.

Modifications were made throughout the house and yard just for Greta. 
Sections of x-pen blocked room corners so she couldn't take the rocks out of the plant pots. Stan made panels to block her from getting behind the couches.
 Fences were put up around flower beds
 to keep her from stripping branches off the bushes 
and eating the bark and the decorations.

She was way too smart. When still potty training we would leave up the x-pen panels to block her from the living room. It did not take her long to figure out - a little push here with her nose and a pull there with her teeth and she could move it out of her way. So a more permanent gate was mounted on the wall.

I would give her a chew bone in the morning to keep her busy so I could get ready for work, and again in the late evening to help her (and me) relax before bed and it was still her routine, giving me her "time for my bone, Mom" look.

We started training classes when she was just 4 months old 

She loved learning new things and going to class.

 I wanted her to do well but most of all I wanted her to have fun. 

I never could get her to sit straight at my side, 

she would always rock back on her little pug butt so she could look up at me.

 But her recalls were pawsome!
 I would call her and she would run to me as fast as she could.

 At our last show the judge said "hard to beat a recall like that!" 

At home she always ran to her crate when we would be leaving for work or shopping, 
but if I was around she wanted nothing to separate us. 

That even included riding in the car. She would have none of riding in her crate in the back seat, crying and ripping up the crate pads. 

Finally she was happy to ride in the front with her harness hooked to the seat belt 
where she could be by my side

As much as she loved me, she also loved her Dad.

 I found it funny that she would lay near me on the couch but would not snuggle, 
but she was always willing to be on her Dad's lap to "help" him take a nap. 

But when we went to bed at night it was usually my side she was glued to 
or she would be on the pillow above my head 

Some of my favorite memories are of her
running so fast through the big yard she would almost fly.

 She ran with such joy and abandon

On the day she got sick, 
she was having a wonderful time playing with friends
Murphy & Stanley

 and I am so thankful that we have these last pictures of her

running - smiling with ears flying

What precious memories to have

So we are trying to adjust to life without Greta,
whose energy and passion for life
 filled every aspect of our lives

I can sleep in on the weekends if I want to now, I don't get smothered with kisses at 6 am telling me I need to get up and feed her breakfast. At some point the hair pulling to wake me up stopped, but I could not tell you when.

I don't have to sneak dishes into the dishwasher anymore to keep Greta from climbing in with the dishes and riding the basket right into the dishwasher.

 Greta is no longer pulling at the couch cushion -  her way of telling me, get off the computer Mom and play with me!.  The velcro underneath made it sound like she was ripping the cushion to  shreds and she knew I would come running.  

I don't have to worry about disturbing the little pug wrapped around my feet
 while I am getting ready in the morning

And I am no longer late for work because after 10 minutes outside 
Greta has yet to find that perfect spot to pee

You would think that life would be easier now
but all of this was so much easier than losing her
and I would do it all over ten times and more
for Greta

Going through all the pictures,
 I came across one that was taken last summer
and I envision a scene just like this one day

Greta by my side as we walk together 
to greet the rest of the PugRanch Kids waiting at the Bridge

My Dear Sweet Naughty Greta

there will never be another quite like you
I still can't believe your gone

I love you Baby


Tuesday, September 23, 2014

The Day After

The Debate was a huge success

Frankie was a great moderator

Murphy & Stanley did really well under the pressure
and so did our lovely opponent Dory


 there was one big problem!

did anyone else notice ?????

I must talk to Stanley !

this could be disastrous for the campaign !

We are the PugRanch Kids
B H & G Management
Mr Bailey, Ms Hazel & Angel Greta

Monday, September 22, 2014

the Great Debate is Today!

The Big Debate is finally here!

Bailey & Hazel are backstage with Murphy & Stanley
as they wait to be introduced
Along with a very special someone

And now, we present THE GREAT DEBATE!

Click HERE

to go to WFNE Tee Vee

We are the PugRanch Kids
B H & G Management
Bailey, Hazel & Angel Greta

Sunday, September 21, 2014

On the Road to the Great Debate - the Reunion

We could almost hear the water running in the bathtub when the front door opened and in came
Dory and Jakey
Murphy & Stanley, Hazel & Greta were with them.

Gus & I were so relieved that everyone was safe
and we did not have to take a bath!

Dory invited us to stay over - what a great gal!

After a good nights rest
Dory and gang treated us to some great hospitality
with great food and friendship
Mayoress Madi & Frankie Furter were there too!

Please join us tomorrow here
and at
for the 
Great Debate!

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We are The PugRanch Kids
B H & G Management

Mr Bailey, Ms Hazel & Ms Greta

Saturday, September 20, 2014

On the Road to The Great Debate - Caught In the Act !


We were just peeking in the window 
when we heard the loud voices
and we realized


Bilbo! Arty!

Bilbo was immediately suspicious-
 he thought we came to spy on Dory's campaign

They took us into the house and started to 
interrogate us

We tried to explain that our bus broke down about 87 miles
down the road and we were just looking for help. 

Bilbo did not look pleased

What if they don't believe us? 

What if they threaten us with a bath to make us talk?

What will happen?
Will Bilbo believe them?
Will Bailey and Gus be dry in time 
for the Great Debate?

check back tomorrow .........

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We are The PugRanch Kids
B H & G Management

Mr Bailey, Ms Hazel & Ms Greta

Friday, September 19, 2014

The Road to the Great Debate - Lions & Tigers & Bears Oh MY!

the bus is broke down in the middle of nowhere
at night
 and we have no cell phone service

Bailey decided that he and Gus 
would have to go look for help

Murphy & Stanley would stay behind with the girls

Bailey was a bit disgusted with himself
He was still in his pajamas walking down the road
while Gus had thought to change into his hiking clothes.
He was enjoying the hike though!

It seemed like they walked for 87 miles

when finally

They saw the lights of a house in the distance

They hurried to the house
and were just peeking in the window 
to see if someone was home

when they heard


To be continued .....

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We are The PugRanch Kids
B H & G Management
Mr Bailey, Ms Hazel & Ms Greta

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Remembering Isabelle

Another sweet puggy has crossed the bridge

tonight we remember

 who is now eating all the burgers she wants
 at the Rainbow Bridge

photo by Feist

were one of our very first blogger friends
and we send our love and prayers
please reach out and leave some words of comfort

Isabelle will be missed

We are the PugRanch Kids
Bailey, Hazel & Angel Greta

The Road to The Great Debate - A Long Night on the Road

It has been a long day on the road and we still 
have a long ways to go

Bailey was concerned that we had lost too much time
chatting with the police
and even though it was getting late 
we needed stay on the road
Gus was sure he had found a short cut 
that would help us make up some time 

then just as Murphy & Stanley were trying to get some rest.....

Turned out the shortcut Gus found was an old bumpy logging road. We will never get there at this rate. We will have to travel all night!

Bailey told Gus to get back on the highway

and sent Hazel up with a large cup of coffee

We all needed to get some sleep or we would be in no
shape for the Great Debate!

We hadn't been asleep too long when we realized the bus was no longer moving.

Bailey went outside with Gus to check things out

We are broke down... 
in the middle of the nowhere !!!!

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We are The PugRanch Kids
B H & G Management

Mr Bailey, Ms Hazel & Ms Greta

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

On the Road to the Great Debate - donuts anyone?

It's a long way to California 
and there is still lots to do 
We want the Doods to be prepared for the Big Debate


Bailey spent most of his time on the phone, 
making arrangements 
while Greta helped Murphy & Stanley study 

Hazel was checking the map 
and giving Gus directions 

Flashing Lights!

Gus carefully pulled the bus over 

 Bailey told us not to worry and went up front

Hello Officers!
Isn't it a beautiful day
we were just getting ready to have a little snack

Care for a donut ?? or two ???

then Bailey explained to the officers
 that we were on our way to the very first ever 
Blogville Mayoral Debate

And on our bus were candidates for Blogville Mayor
Bailey pointed out that the Doods were 
Certified Canine Good Citizens 
as were the B H & G Management Team. 
AND our Bus Driver Angus McConnel Long 
was himself a Junior Police Officer

Care for another donut officers??

The officers decided 
that maybe we weren't speeding after all
and we were once again 
On the Road to the Great Debate!

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We are The PugRanch Kids
B H & G Management
Mr Bailey, Ms Hazel & Ms Greta