Friday, March 30, 2018

Mom's Projects

Mom learned how to do counted cross stitch many years ago
 from some of the ladies she worked with.
She rarely cross stitched at home,
 Mom worked on projects on her breaks and lunch at work.

Over the years there have many projects completed
and the ones Mom has enjoyed the most 
was making Christmas stockings
 for each of the grandpeeps.

Mom realized that the youngest (almost 2) 
did not have a stocking yet

So she searched on the internet 
and found a new one to stitch

This will be stocking number 24!
And not one is the same

Mom also decided to make some new kitchen curtains

She went to Hobby Lobby and found some fabric
we will show you them when they are done

Mom also found this cute fabric

She thinks she will make vest to wear to our trials

We are the PugRanch Kids
Hazel & Mabel

Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Monday, March 26, 2018

#ChewyInfluencer March Review #2

Today we are reviewing 

The Honest Kitchen Grain-Free Beef Recipe
 Dehydrated Dog Food

Key Benefits

  • Grain-free dehydrated dog food made with ranch-raised beef and hand-picked produce.
  • Contains higher calories and protein than other Honest Kitchen recipes,
  •  specially formulated for puppies and active adult dogs.
  • Made with minimally processed, dehydrated, whole-food ingredients in the USA
  •  no ingredients from China.
  • No by-products, preservatives or GMO ingredients.

Easy to prepare--simply mix food with warm water, 
stir well, wait 3 minutes and then serve with love!

This food can be used as a full meal 
but Mom used it as a topper on our kibble

I am ready for my serving of love Dad!


 No hesitation from me 
but then I like just about anything

What is this on my food Mom??

 Miss Picky Hazel was not too sure about it
She is not a fan of mushy food

But that's OK

It means all the more for me!!

disclaimer: as a #ChewyInfluencer we were provided this product free of charge 
in exchange for our honest review

We are the PugRanch Kids
Hazel & Mabel

Friday, March 23, 2018

#ChewyInfluencer March Review

As a #ChewyInfluencer we sure love getting to try new things and we were very happy to try

Nulo Freestyle Grain-Free Duck Recipe With Pears Freeze-Dried Raw Dog Food

It’s all the benefits of raw without the hassle, containing 82% duck, organs and bone for the ultra-rich protein and balanced fat your pal needs to feel and look his best, plus fruits and veggies like green beans, kale and spinach. It also has GanedenBC30, a powerful probiotic, or “good bacteria” that supports your dog's digestive and immune health with every bite. These irresistible morsels are minimally-processed and quickly frozen to lock in the most nutrients and flavors. Plus, it’s made with no corn, wheat, soy, artificial preservatives, colors or flavorings.

Let's see what's in these

Duck, Duck Necks, Duck Heart, Duck Wings, Duck Liver, Pears, Butternut Squash, Green Beans, Carrots, Blueberries, Kale, Spinach, Parsley, Apple Cider Vinegar, Ground Flaxseed, Salt, Sunflower Oil, Salmon Oil, Dried Kelp, Inulin, Dried Bacillus coagulans Fermentation Product, Potassium Chloride, Zinc Proteinate, Iron Proteinate, Mixed Tocopherols (natural preservative), Vitamin E Supplement, Copper Proteinate, Manganese Proteinate, Vitamin D3 Supplement.

These minimally-processed bits are easy to feed on their own or as a delicious meal topper for kibble. 
Or you can use them as treats too!

I am ready to try one mom!

OOH!! I can just about taste it


Yummy Yummy Yummy!

These are a big hit with us

Mom shared some with some other training friends 
and they wanted to know where to get some.

Of course we told them all about 

disclaimer: As a #ChewyInfluencer we were provided this product free of charge in exchange for our honest review

We are the PugRanch Kids
Hazel & Mabel

Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Monday, March 19, 2018

Health Fair Fun

Last week our local university 
had a health fair on Thursday and Friday

Our training director had a table set up 
cause you know that having pets 
makes peeps happier and healthier

On the right is Jane, our instructor, and her dog Teneille
On the left is one of our training friends, 
Michelle and her dog Angus

Jane asked if Mom & I 
would like to come and help on Friday
and we said yes!

I was quite nervous at first
There were lots of people and noise
but mom reassured me that all was OK
and I started to relax

 I was quite popular, 
everyone wanted to pet the cute pug
 and soon I was enjoying the all the attention 
while mom told people about our classes

We had some puzzles to play with

I was happy to demonstrate the Snuffle Mat

treats are hidden in the mat 
and I sniffed and snuffled them right into my mouth

A group picture with Teneille on my right 
and her daughter London on my left

It was a fun day and I was exhausted when we got home
I hope we can do it again next year!

We are the PugRanch Kids
Hazel & Mabel

Friday, March 16, 2018

New Shoes and a Certificate

We thought we would show you Mom's new shoes

We told you once before about BOBS from Skecher's

When you purchase BOBS, Skechers will donate to
Best Friends Animal Society
to help save the lives of dogs and cats in shelters

When mom saw these
she knew she had to have them!

Hazel & I also want to tell you 
that we are very proud of our Mom

You see in addition to the training classes
 that we do together
Mom also helps with Canine Good Citizen classes
and Beginning Obedience classes

She started studying, took a test 
and submitted an application to AKC 

Last week this certificate came in the mail

Mom is now certified with AKC as a 
Canine Good Citizen Evaluator!

We are the PugRanch Kids
Hazel & Mabel

Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Monday, March 12, 2018

Monday Movie

A few weeks ago 
before winter returned and dumped some snow on us
we had a chance to get in some outdoor agility practice 

The main goal of this sequence was to learn 
"serpentine jumps"
Three jumps set in a straight line 
and I was to "weave" over them

Mom was very happy with how I did!

This Sunday we will get to go to another practice 
at the indoor horse arena

We are the PugRanch Kids
Hazel & Mabel

Sunday, March 11, 2018

Happy Birthday Madi!

Today we are celebrating with our dear friend Madi

on her 16th birthday!

Madi invited us to share our favorite road trip or 
how we (or our peep) learned to drive

Since neither Hazel or I drive, 
Mom said I could tell you the story 
of how she learned to drive

First I must tell you 
that these are not the actual photos of the events
Since this happened almost 50 years ago 
we had to do a re-enactment

Mom grew up in Redwood City, California

When she was 15 she signed up for Drivers Education

Mom is very short -
she couldn't see over the dash very well

The Drivers Ed teacher was a big grumpy man
and he made Mom nervous 
whenever it was her turn to drive

One day the grumpy man
 instructed Mom to turn into a skinny driveway.

Let's just say it did not go well
and Mom almost ran into a fence post!

Then the big grumpy man

turned into a big angry man

That was it for Mom

She decided that she was never going to drive a car

So what did she do??

Mom bought herself a bicycle!

But by the time Mom was 18
she realized that if she wanted to go very far, 
she really needed a car

Mom found a 1961 Volkswagon Beetle 
and bought it for $400.

She learned to drive it
and got her drivers license

A few months later
Mom decided to leave California

She drove that bug all the way to Idaho

One week in Idaho and Mom had a job at a potato processing plant
44 years later she retired from that potato processing plant

Be sure to hop the hop 
and visit Madi
to wish her a Happy Birthday!

We are the PugRanch Kids
Hazel & Mabel

Friday, March 9, 2018

Flower Friday

Today is Flower Friday with Miss Rosy Sassypants!

We still have snow on the ground 
so we thought we would show you
 the pretty silk flowers we have in the house

Pink was our Angel Greta's signature color 
and we have these lovely pink flowers
 that sit by the very special canvas print 
that was created by our friend

Now don't forget 
there is a special birthday celebration this Sunday

Road Trip with our BFF Madi 
on her 16th Birthday!

you can read all about it 

We are the PugRanch Kids
Hazel & Mabel

Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Monday, March 5, 2018

Weekend Snow

The snow started Friday morning about 9 am

Mom took these pictures about 10 am

Looking out back

and out the front

 By 11 am it was snowing hard
and the wind started blowing

The view out back

and out front!

It snowed off and on all day 
and again on Saturday just not as heavy

And when we got up Sunday morning

We had a few more inches

Our dad got out early to shovel paths for us

We sure love our dad

And we really appreciate him shoveling the snow for us

But we still go into the snow to pee!

We are the PugRanch Kids
Hazel & Mabel