Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Get your Pawty Hats On!!

Welcome Blogville Friends
to the PugRanch 
Pawty Hat & Noisemaker Booth

We have hats of all styles and colors

something to suit everyone 

do you like the traditional top hat?

Looks great on our Police Commissioner Sarge

As he shares a little conversation 
with our distinguished Mayoress Madi

Bailey goes for a tall hat

while Bob shows off 
a sparkly gold hat and matching pawty horn

We have pointy hats in pretty colors

pointy hats for dogs

And pointy hats for cats

 That dude in the middle looks like he is NOT 
gonna make it till midnight!  

Ummm ... Ernie,  
where did you find that hat??

No -  the D does not stand for Dachshund

 Now that's more like it!

If you like something with a little more flair
we have feather headbands

Greta likes the fancy feather hats!

We even have feather hats for the guys

Takes a confident dog to wear a hat like that Sarge!

And here we have Ping & Tubby 

showing off our custom made hats
trimmed with hand died squirrel fur

If you really want to make a dramatic statement

or you are hoping to hear the ladies say
"who was that masked doggy?"

this mask is for you!

Oh look!
clever Hazel has accessorized her feather hat

with her Pup-a-Top dog tag
Anyone need their beer opened ??

Wanna make some noise???

we've got loud horns

tickle horns

blow out horns

We even got in some special pawty horns

just for Puddles 

 And your gonna need some of these 
Paw Clappers 

When you go to see

at the Blogville Park Gazebo

 We have the traditional chinese drums
Or you can choose the squirrel skin drums

And don't forget to grab a kazoo
to play Auld Lang Syne at midnight

So grab yourself a hat
make some noise!

and be sure to visit the other hosts for 
 all the New Years Eve fun!

SARGE IS  hosting the Big dance 
and  will be showing 27 our our bestest boot-scooters.

Wyatt is providing the foodables.   

Lily is already giving dance lessons for us.  
See her 12-26, 12-28 and 12/30 posts

Sam's red wagon is available for transportation to and from the party.

Puddles is working with Madi & Ruby to supply drinks
including non-alcoholic ones.

Rockin' Wills will add his DJ stylings, special music,
 the big countdown and more.

Bad Dawg Agency will be performing 
in the Blogville Park Gazebo.
The crabby girls' group Surf Jammers 
will also be performing in the Blogville Park Gazebo.

Baggy & Nin are hosting the Open Mic Comedy Hour

Ranger will have his Resolutions Booth open for business

Mollie & Alfie are arranging the fireworks for the final midnight blast.

We are the PugRanch Kids
Bailey, Hazel & Greta

Monday, December 30, 2013

Bed Exchange

We showed you the beds that we got for
Christmas with the Orthopedic pads

After the initial inspection - 
Not impressed at all

Thursday morning Mom got to work from home

We all liked the new crate pad that Greta got
So in the study it came along with two old beds 
and we kept Mom company while she worked

At one point Bailey got on the new pad 
and Hazel stood behind
giving him the "how could you" look 
so we knew the pad was a keeper.

 So on Friday, 
Mom and Dad took the other beds back to Petco 
and came home with this bed 
(unfortunately there was only one)

Hazel checked it out

Stretched out a little more

Oh yeah! 
I think this one passes the comfort test

and since the new pad went in Greta's crate

They came home with another

for us to share
(it isn't as small as Bailey makes it look here)

Don't forget !
Tomorrow is New Years Eve!
Come here to get your 
party hats and noisemakers
for the big event

click on
to see all the events going on
leading up to the party at

We are the PugRanch Kids
Bailey, Hazel & Greta

Saturday, December 28, 2013

A Special Gift from a Special Friend

The day after Christmas 
a very special gift arrived from
our dear friend Tweedles

 She sent us one of her beautiful healing butterflies
along with one of her poems

 We can feel Tweedles love
 in this special butterfly

 Can you feel our love coming back to you Tweedles ?

She knew that our hearts were hurting for
our baby Olive

Thank you for this very special gift Tweedles
we will always treasure it.

You have helped us realize 
we must embrace the love Olive brought to us
and let the hurt of her leaving 
fly away on the wings of this special butterfly

Thank you dear friend

These last few months have not been easy for Blogville

you all know that Tweedles was very ill recently
we are so happy that
 she is healing and getting better everyday

but we have had to say goodbye to many friends

among them

Thunder, Weenie, Benny, Gracie Lynn, Pip, Pippin, Stella

and now

We send our love and prayers to all of you

We are the PugRanch Kids
Bailey, Hazel & Greta

Friday, December 27, 2013

What We got for Christmas!

We had a great Christmas!

First Bailey tried to get Hazel 
to sing Jingle Bells with him

Mom says sorry the video is dark
she had to hurry to get this before they stopped
Bailey will often start barking and then get right in Hazel's face
until she will start barking with him.
She is never fast enough to get it on video

Then on to the presents

We had to wait till Mom & Dad were done 
but it was worth it

What's in this bag??

that Pug looks kinda like me!

 Some new stuffies 
one for each of us

look at this

some squirrels hiding in this tree stump

you can't hide from me!

 I'll get you outa there!

Bailey & Hazel got new beds
unfortunately they were not impressed with 
the orthopedic pads

And I got a cushy new crate pad
which everybody loves!
so the beds will go back for more of these.

And look what WE gave to Mom!

Don't forget the 
lots going on with the main event
hosted by Sarge
you can get more details 

We will be providing party hats and noisemakers
for the big night
Be sure to stop by!

We are the PugRanch Kids
Bailey, Hazel & Greta