Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Remembering Olive


It was one year ago that Mom told me Olive’s story,
 and I shared her story with you

Today is Olives birthday,
she would have been 2 yrs old

There are other pugs waiting for Mom and Dad at the Rainbow Bridge, but mom does not think about their birthdays or what day they left this earthly world behind. She has wonderful memories of the years in between that they had together, and those memories fill her heart.
White Chang, age unknown, Mao Yen 13 yrs,
McKenzie 12 yrs, Pugsley, 14 yrs (11 with mom & dad)
and Char Shu lived an amazing 17 yrs.

 Little Olive’s life was short. Way too short.  Mom loved her so and doesn’t know if it will ever stop hurting to think about Olive or see pictures of her sweet face, so she keeps her memory tucked away in a very special part of her heart.  But when Olive’s birthday comes near,  those memories surface . And Mom lets herself think about sweet little Olive and how much she was loved for the short time she was here.


Sometimes it is hard for me to know how to think about Olive. I wish I had known her, I was born the day after she arrived at Mom and Dad’s. I wish she didn’t have to leave so young,  but I am here because Olive is not. 
 I came with an important mission - to help heal Mom’s broken heart.  And now neither of us can imagine life without the other. 
Sometimes -  when I am extra naughty, Mom wonders how she can love me as much as she does, but I have Olive to thank for that. 
 I think Mom loves me extra hard  because of Olive.

These pictures are of the shelves where the special memory boxes are. You can see Olive’s box on the center shelf between the two pug angels

We will never forget you Sweet Olive.
You can click on her name if you would like to read her story, but have a tissue handy.
And you can click here on my name, Greta,
 If you would like to read how I came to heal mom’s heart.

Mom wants to send love and thanks to Stella Rose and her momma. A year ago they listened to our story with love in their hearts and gave mom the courage
to share Olive’s story with all of you.

We are the PugRanch Kids
Bailey, Hazel & Greta


  1. Just read the initial post. How very sad. Greta, it sounds you have a big job of filling that hole in your mom's heart.

  2. My Gemi died of a brain injury caused by rough play with a familiar dog. She was 6. My ability to cope with this tragic accident varies from day to day. Some days I can handle the pictures and talk about her and some days I just want to pretend I never knew her. I am so sorry you lost your Olive too soon, but I know how much you loved her. Hugs, Hailey and Zaphod's Lady

  3. Today must be our mom's crying day because since she woke up it seems that is all she does, she remembers that email from you, and treasures that you felt so comfortable to first share her special loving story with her. Everytime Mags and Gussie would leap out of my moms arms her heart would stop and they did it more than once. It is a tragic story, but as Greta pointed out she never would have came to live with you if Olive wouldn't have touched your heart first.
    We are often like Lady, sometimes we venture into the memories ...we skirt the edge of the pond, and sometimes we choose to walk right on by. We are so blessed to have you as our blogging friends. Please give your momma a big hug from my momma today.
    Stella Rose

  4. That is so sad. We feel for your mum and understand only too well. At least your other babies lived to a good age and same with our Pip but is always more heartbreaking when they are young. Sending hugs and love. Olive has a special place in mums heart.
    best wishes Molly

  5. It was good of you to come heal your momma's broken heart! Some pups have to go to the Rainbow Bridge way too early, but they'll be there waiting for their people just like loyal dogs always are!

  6. I sadly forgot the tissue so I had to use my mom's sleeve. What a sad story, I cried bitter tears for your sweet Olive. I was born in the night after my staff lost Frosty, the Husky. Think I had the same mission like you, Greta. Do you think we did a great job and our mission was successful by now? I think yes, we are great!

  7. I like to think that Payton sent Donald (and Daisy) to make it easier to smile again. So many of us can relate to your story, Greta. I'm sending many hugs to your mom today.
    Love and prayers,

  8. It's so sad and we don't know why little pups have to leave us so soon. We will take our tissues and click.. Just love the lights, we are behind with all the Christmas stuff going on. xxooxxxx

    Mollie and Alfie

  9. Memories are good. Time sure does fly. Hopefully Olive is playing with my brother Benny

  10. Peeps tend to furget that WE have a different pawspective on TIME. We count SECONDS and they count DAYS. Our time is OURS and we come and go when WE need to. Olive Came and gave many wonderful memories and then she was ready to Go. THAT made it pawsible fur Another to Come. See? It is a pawfect arrangement... butt the peeps don't get the BIG Picture.
    We do understand that these thingys are very much difficult fur peeps. We wish that they would SAVOR the SECONDS and the MEMORIES and not feel bad about stuffs.
    It makes US sad that THEY feel sad.
    We think that is why we have to do so many thingys to TRY and make them HAPPY.

  11. Dogs are God's way of reminding human's of their infinite capacity to love. Unlike dogs, we forget because our focus is broader and more sporadic. I have no doubt that Olive came into and out of your life to fulfill that purpose and Greta was and is the exclamation point of God's design. Such a profound mixture of heartbreak and joy illuminate your ability to love and you should cherish it. I think you do that with your touching remembrances of sweet Olive and your love of Greta.

    Truthfully, it's one of the reasons I love being part of this wonderful Blogville community. These kind of memories, Stella Rose family posts and the wisdom from Scarlet and her mom are life lessons coated in sweetness only found with dogs (especially of the PUG variety!)!

    With love and respect,

  12. We are so sorry and feel your pain so closely. I don't think I will ever get over my sweet Giaccolo or Petey or Bristol (first cat, last two dogs). It is truly the hardest thing to go through. Sweet Olive must know just how much she was loved and hopefully honoring her memory helps just a tiny bit. xoxo

  13. That is so wonderful that you came to heal your mom's heart. That was what me and Stanley did too. It is our special mission. Thank God for Olive even if her life was short. We can't click to read her story cuz mom would cry too much.

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

    Pee Es - Thanks for stopping by the POTP page!


  15. Angel Olive...we are so sorry your life was so short....but we know you had a ton of love while you were here.
    Greta....bless your heart you are smart and naughty!! I think you might be a Feline in Pug's clothing.
    hugs madi

  16. That is so sad about Olive, she had such a sweet little face. You must miss her a lot, that can happen so fast with puppies the way they squirm around. So sorry.
    Lynne x

  17. Oh, Olive had such an Angel face! OMD, just tooooo cute! Ma said she's gonna read all about hers later (she doesn't want to run her eyelash paint, so she's gonna come back laters...). I am sure glads your Moms had the courage to open her heart to you Greta...I can't imagine the 'Ranch' without your purty face!!!
    Give your Moms lots of kisses and hugs for me okays?
    Ruby ♥

  18. I remember Olives story and it just broke my heart. I can totally see that the same thing could have happened with Weasley, squirmy worm that he was. Its just heart breaking. I have so many pictures of my dogs because I know my dogs might be gone soon, we are a house of seniors. I sure hope my guys make it to 17. I don't get the ashes after my pets pass, it just always didn't seem like something I wanted and the same for people as I don;t have my dads, but I do love having their pictures. I also plan on using Tubby and Norbert's names again, that bothers some people but to me I am going to see it as a memory tribute. I love all the pictures and pug memoribellia you have and best of all the way you care for your current pugs is the best tribute you can give Olive

    retro rover

  19. We are sending you oodles of hugs today. Mom also has a collection of boxes like yours. How could those little boxes hold all the memories? Mom says she has never loved a dog like she does us so when the first of us go, she will be heartbroken. It's not fair that we don't live as long as humans.
    All the peace and comfort to you.

  20. If we lived closer to you- Greta, we would be tapping on your door- to come into your home and hold your mom in our arms. We would be there holding all of you as your tears fall. Healing tears is what they are.
    We just re- read Angel Olives story... mommy has tears in her eyes, and I do too.
    Maybe Olive was given to your family as a gift of love from the creator of our world.
    Sometimes gifts come for different reasons,,, sometimes the gifts are meant for just a little while, like a season,,, and then the creator may take them back to be his helper in the heavens.
    But its too hard to understand.
    Your mommy was so happy and excited to have baby Olive come, and then the terrible accident happened. And there is no answer why such sadness happens.
    One night when the moon was full- --- it was time for me to close my eyes- count to 3- and I was lifted above the stars. I saw the sea of tranquility up on the moon- and I saw Olive and all our other friends that have gone to the Rainbow Bridge- yes- I saw Olive and she was happy and loved. All the furrys played together.
    We are thinking of you all today-- and we want you to know Blogville is surrounding you with our paws-- we sit in a circle around all of you- shoulder to shoulder,,, rememberig Olive.. and being thankful that you Greta, was given as a gift from the creator to help heal your familys heart.

  21. What a beautiful tribute to a beautiful angel girl. I bet she is smiling real big across the bridge and thinking of all of you with love.

    Loveys Sasha

  22. Love to all of you and your sweet angel, Olive.
    Wyatt and Family

  23. Greta and family,
    I just feel so sad reading about poor Olive. She looked like such a sweet wee thing, and she sounded like a perfect playful little pup! Remember, your mum must not blame herself for what happened, I just feel so sorry for her. I'm sure you do have lots of happy memories of her, and she'll be happily watching over you all!
    Pippa :)

  24. Those we held in our arms for a little while we hold in our hearts forever. <3 Lots of love, Francesca

  25. I'm so sorry for your loss of Olive. You have put together a wonderful tribute to all the pugs that have come in your lives. I'm sure they all share a special place in your heart and are thought of often. I'm sorry that Olive was with you only a short period of time. Greta, you've done such a wonderful job bringing joy to your family and to all of your followers as well. My Dad and I will keep you guys in our thoughts.