Monday, June 24, 2013

The Pupsitters

Although Bailey & Hazel have been left
at home before with a pupsitter,
last week was my first time at home
without either Mom or Dad
And friends let me tell you,
you were right!
Pupsitters are a blast!
Mom and Dad's niece and her husband and little son
stayed the night with us.
The first thing Mom noticed when they got home
was the treat box
 those pugsitters are suckers for the big brown eyes
And I got to stay up way past my bedtime
The Husband played with me till 2 AM!!
And you were right again
 Mom and Dad came home with goodies!

The town they went to had a PetsMart.
We do not have one in Pocatello
so Mom had to check it out

We all checked out the new toy
then OMD!

A Himalayan Chew!
I had heard about these
and I love it!

  I got a new collar
black with pink paw prints
Mom thought it was "ME"
OK Now
For some reason Mom wants to
show you the Hotel they stayed at
The Destination Inn
This is what it looked like outside
Just an old building
but inside each room was a theme
 Mom & Dad stayed in the Athens Room
do you see the little square on the bed?
look closer
Nice touch!
there was also cheesecake in the fridge
and sparkling cider on ice
the fancy tub

and a fireplace 
but being summer they did not use it
 So Mom & Dad had a nice anniversary
and we had a great time with
the Pugsitters!
Next time they want to go away for a night
we'll be just fine
We are the PugRanch Kids
Bailey, Hazel & Greta



  1. What a swanky hotel your peeps stayed in. Nice one.....the treat box nearly empty. Oh the power of the big brown eyes and up till 2am playing. Nice one guys. We say that certainly was a win-win. Have a marvellous Monday.
    Best wishes Molly

  2. Wow my mom was all over that room your rents stayed in how cool....hey didn't we tell you about how guilty they would feel and all the goodies you would get!!!
    stella rose

  3. Wow, what a gawjuss hotel room your momma and daddy stayed in!!! My momma wants to go there now just for that bathtub. But I'm glad you had a fun time with the sitter. It's fun seeing what you can get away with, BOL!

  4. Wow, those sitters are the bestest! BOL about the shrinking treat jar. Sounds like a great time and you scored goodies too. The collar is gorgeous. Speaking of gorgeous, that hotel is beautiful! Hey, your Dad's name is the same as my Dad's name!
    Grr and Woof,
    Sarge, COP

  5. I am still laughing at the almost empty treat bin! Haha! I'm glad everyone had a good time.

  6. Wow, I love that hotel room! I wouldn't have wanted to leave it. How cool that the owners left a note for your pawrents, wishing them a happy anniversary.

    Glad your pupsitters were so good about giving you all those treats and didn't pay attention to the rules of the house.

    Sounds like everyone had a good time!

  7. WOW! I am so glad you had an awesome time with the pup sitter. Yep, they are the best. And you got to stay up way past my bedtime!! What a wonderful hotel your peeps got to stay in! I bet they came home feeling super happy!

  8. Soundds like this worked out well for everyone...My Momz wants to soak in that pawsome tub (but not me!) I love your pretty collar and I'd like to try one of those chews myself...Charlie Bears are good too...For clever pugs like you it's no problem at all to train up those petsitters

  9. Man that hotel looks faaaaaancy! Anyways :) you pugs are the luckiest dogs on this planet! Hugs

  10. What a GORGEOUS Room that your peeps stayed in... and WOW were they EVER treated WELL.

    BUTT YOU were treated EVEN BETTER (as you should have been) with the PUPsitters... and the TASTY and Lovely Treats you got when "THEY" returned. The Collar really IS you!!!

  11. Well done pooches! You maxed out the benefits of pug sitters!!


    P.S. Most wonderful Anniversary wishes and congratulations to the Pugrents!!

  12. Wow, you had so many wonderful things, the chews (did you know when they get small you can microwave them and they get GIANT and crunchy?) and the collar, whoa, you are lucky!! And we think your pawrents had a lovely time too!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley
    Ambassadors of Love

  13. Great dawg, your parents went and stayed in a mansion!!! That place is beautiful. I will have to send Ma and Daddy-dog there for their anniversary so I can go stay with the "treat lady" (Grandma)!!!
    *Cairn cuddles*

  14. sounds like eveybody had a great time! Years ago when there where just 3 of us mom and dad left us with her grandparents, and our grandma who has since passed away fed us so many treats that in 10 days Norbert gained 4 lbs

    urban hounds

  15. Wow it sounds like everyone was happy!!! Mommy loves the hotel room and I love that you got treats

    Loveys Sasha

  16. Sounds like EVERYBODY had a great time. BOL at hte treat jar. Way to work the pugsitter.

  17. Happy Days and Happy Times with all those treats!

  18. I love this Athens Room - when I will find a girlfriend we will spend our honeymoon there. I hope with this fabulous looking Himalayan bones :o)

  19. First of all...nice place to celebrate a marriage...congrats to your parents! Secondly, those were some nice treats and gifts! Lastly, I really love my sitter....but no way Jose should my mom leave me with him...she should take me with her...everywhere.

  20. OMD! That room is just BEAUTIFULS!!!! Ma is goin' 'oooooo' and 'ahhhhh' and she wants to gets in the tub! (why would anybody WANT to do that, I ask?!)
    Good job 'workin' the Pugsitters guys!! Sounds like you gots them (or YOU) eatin' out of their hands! BOL
    Ruby ♥

  21. Happy Anniversary to your mom and dad. Wow, that is a very spectacular room, what a treat.
    We would like to book those pugsitters to come and look after us!
    Thanks for visiting us, the auction is very exciting, isn't it.
    Dip Bridge and Elliot x

  22. Don't you just love it when mom and dad leave for a bit? Grandmother has 24 hour care when they are away and her care givers all LOVE us! Sadly, hu-mom hides the treats. She says she works hard to keep the 3 of us fit and trim.....bummer.
    That is the fanciest hotel we've ever seen! So nice for them to be able to have some time alone. Our mom and dad love us but sometimes they need a break!
    Drools and licks,
    Minnie, Mack and Mario