Sunday, May 25, 2014


Lots of you already know that our dear friend Goose is very sick. He needs prayers and POTP and healing bubbles and juju and love and  whatever else you can send his way. We have copied this from Murphy & Stanley - thank you Doods for getting the word out.

Furiends of Goose - UPDATED

This is a special post for our furiends in Blogville who know and love our furiend Goose.  As you know he is VERY, VERY sick and in the hospital.  His own Dr. Eddy is out of town until Tuesday so he had to go to another dogtur to help him until Dr. Eddy comes back.  They don't know what is wrong fur sure and his mom Michelle said right now he is "holding his own".

Now if you have read Goose's blog, one thing you know fur sure is that he does a lot to help other people. But since me and Stanley know Goose and his mom in the furs, we know even more than that.  We know that his mom is just like him.  If they see someone who needs help, they are fast to jump in there and help them out.  Goose would give the collar off his neck to help a furiend in need!

We know lots and lots of people have asked us if there was anything they could do for Goose and his mom, to help during this bad time when he is fighting for his life.  And the truth is, his mom would not ask for anything. That is just how she is.  She will make sure Goose gets what he needs even if she has to go without!  We think Goose and his mom are connected in their souls.

Goose is going to have to pay his dogtur bill (in full) on Tuesday when he leaves and switches over to Dr. Eddy.  It is already over $900.  So if anyone wanted to help, you could call the dogtur's office and offer a few green papers towards the bill.  Here is the info:

Brookside Animal Hospital, Phone:  (801) 399-5897

BUTT!!!  Read this impawtent information:  Since Goose is going to have to pay the bill first thing Tuesday morning (his mom is going to be hammering on the door to get to him) if you are not able to contact the dogtur's office to offer a credit card number in time, then please just mail your donation directly to Goose's mom.  Most of you already have her address from the Christmas Card list.  (I don't want to put it on the post so if you need it, just email us at and we will send it to you.)

We know Goose and his mom would really appreciate this but again, they would never ask for it themselves.  So we'll just keep this on the down low for now!  Let's show them Blogville has their back! Thanks everyone!


  1. I am sending my prayers and power of the paws for Goose!
    All the healing bubbles that I can find- or on their way to him and his moms.
    We do know he would give everything he had to help others.

  2. We send healing vibes and POTP to brother Goose. Have a great memorial day and a marvellous Monday.
    Best wishes Molly

  3. I hope we will find a blogger friend with a paypal account so we can help Goose. Dad tries to call the vet now, maybe we can send it directly... Have a good Memorial Monday.

  4. We just saw this as our Lady is away and behind. We are so worried about Goose and are sending POTP and hugs!