Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Begin the Campaign!

Safety Week got off to a great start yesterday!

But today we have work to do

Murphy & Stanley are counting on us to help them 
with their campaign for Mayors of Blogville

Me, Hazel and Angus got busy 
planning the best way around Blogville
We don't want to miss any anybody

 Bailey wanted the campaign to get started with something big. He looked through his important contacts, 
and made some phone calls 

Murphy & Stanley were home relaxing 
when Bailey called with the news.

they were scheduled to appear on 
a very popular daytime talk show

So we packed our bags and hopped on the campaign bus 

Follow us over to pick up Murphy & Stanley - 
we're on the road to Hollywood!

We are the PugRanch Kids
B H & G Management
Mr. Bailey, Ms. Hazel & Ms. Greta

Check out our Monday post for the schedule
of Safety Posts
or visit Susie and Sidebite 
to catch a ride
or hop on the hop below


  1. LOL we saw and you guys are sure pulling out all the stops. Pawsome start to the campaign guys and gals. Have a terrific Tuesday.
    Best wishes Molly

  2. Hi Bailey, Hazel and Greta or should I say the B H & G Management Task Force? What an absolutely Pawsome start to the campaign, how exciting, will there be Vote Stanley and Murphy merchandise? Stan and Murph have got my vote for sure!
    love and licks from your puggy pal Frank xxxxxxx

  3. Wow, this is soooo exciting! You're really doing a super job for The Doods and I'll pop on over to see who they are campaining with. Gee, maybe it's the Today Show!
    Grr and Woof,
    Sarge, Police Commish

  4. OMD… you 3 plus da doods in Hollywood. It will never be da same. Have fun.

  5. you are on the way to Howl-y-wood? wow! bet they will give you your star on the walk of fame after this campaign!

  6. I fink I figured the best way around that big ole 8 laned highway in California....I fink....
    Angus mac

  7. We can't wait to learn all about safety stuff
    Lily & Edward

  8. You guys are the best campaign managers EVER !

    Your Pals,

    Mayorz For All Paws

  9. Love the map with the campaign trail. Love how it zig zags around! Too funny!

  10. OMD you are the BESTEST Camp Pain Managers EVER to BE.
    Butt you gotta keep Murphy and Stanley OUTTA the Shotgun Seat... Just sayin...

  11. Bravo YOUR MANAGEMENT TEAM IS TOP NOTCH! Do you have a caterer or is there a chef on the bus? Does your bus have a name? My peeps name all their wheels.
    Madi your BFFF

  12. PS my peeps are resting a while before the next project.

  13. This is might exciting,! All the planning is coming together nicely.
    Your doing a good good job!

  14. We saw them on Ellen! Great idea campaign crew!

  15. OK, so they gots on TV, send us over some bribery treats and Bites Guarantees Victory!

    The Mad Scots

  16. Uh Oh......MAMA don't press PUBLISH...they will know we were here!!!

  17. OMD, we can't wait to find out which show Murphy & Stanley will be on. We want to set our DVR so we don't miss it. My boys are full of the excitements because they plan to vote for Murphy & Stanley for mayors.

  18. Wow this is gonna be one exciting campaign!

    Loveys Sasha