Monday, November 24, 2014

How do You Mend a Broken Heart?

I really debated writing this post. I know I am not the only one grieving the loss of a beloved pet and it seems there is so much illness and struggles going on recently and I felt it would be selfish of me to want to pour my heart out -
 to you - my dear friends.
 But where else can I go, 
but to those who understand the most. 
I will understand if you do not want to read on. 

It was a rough weekend - A lot of tears shed
Taking care of Greta's things has been a slow process. I washed her crate pad right away but it was a month before we put her crate away. I just couldn't do it. They day we brought her ashes home, we went to town and found the most beautiful box for her. 

We dried some of the flowers 
and had a pink heart engraved with her name.

But her ashes still sat on top of the bookcase in the little tin along with the box and her picture and fresh flowers, her very first toy and all the cards that came in the mail.

 A Greta shrine.  

With the holidays coming and company expected from out of town for Thanksgiving, 
I knew it was time to put her to rest.
So Saturday I made a soft fleece pouch for her. 
Then Stan and I placed her collar and some of the dried flowers with her. 

A picture went in too. 

The pink heart is tied around the clasp.

 On Sunday she took her place on the special shelves 
along with the others.

A couple of weeks ago I revisited all the Greta tributes 
in blogville and printed them.
Saturday when I laid them all out on the table for this picture the tears just flowed.

 It was overwhelming to see how many loved our little girl.

You may have noticed I changed our blog header -
 I wanted to make it look more happy 
and I could not leave her out.

 I know you all won't mind that Angel Greta
 is still a big part of the blog for a while, 
she was the heart and soul of it. 
To be honest, 
it has been a bit of a struggle to get inspired to blog,
 but I take it one day at a time. 
There will be one more special post 
to show you a gift from my husband
Then along with keeping up with Bailey & Hazel
I want to continue to share some of Greta's best moments
I want to be able to celebrate her life

 All of the cards and tributes will go in the pink binder
 that I was keeping for her certificates 
and to record all her accomplishments.
 What better place for all these expressions of love
 from our friends 
for that was her greatest accomplishment of all 
touching so many with her zest for life.

Thank you for listening friends - 

And don't forget
Murphy & Stanley 
will be hosting
Thankful for Blogville Day on Thursday
I know I am very thankful for Blogville

The PugRanch Mom


  1. Hari OM
    This is such a beautiful post! I had indeed noticed (and adored) the new header... and the 'special shelf' is such a wonderful setting. My Jade's ashes (which came in a handmade pottery urn from the 'undertakers') still sit prominently upon the lounge window sill with her photo beside them. We can love many, but every now and then there is the extra special one and I can feel that Angel Greta is that for you. It seems you have had a cathartic time and that is all to the good... Blogville sure is an amazingly loving and supportive place!

    May your thanksgiving be filled with joy and peace with Bailey and Hazel and all your family and friends. Hugs, YAM xx

  2. I do understand …I continue to miss Pip everyday and it's been a year. Sometimes …things happen or something reminds me of him and it all comes back. I have just accepted that this is how it will be. He was truly my heart dog and I always will miss him. Like you, it gives me comfort how many loved him and the support I have received from blogville.

    I just know that Pip and Greta are somewhere smiling, running, and eating. They would not want either of us to be sad of that I'm sure.

    I love your shrine and box. We have Pip's ashes and all his clothing (he loved wearing clothes. LOL). I may copy your idea and do something like this - it's a lovely tribute. Thanks for sharing!

    XOXO, Kristin

  3. Dearest Ones.... WE are HONORED that you have shared this with US. We Understand each and every Step you have taken... they are AS THEY SHOULD BE.
    Blogville and our Peeps have been down this difficult path ourselves and we KNOW that it has many Hills and Valleys... Butt remember when the going gets difficult... WE are HERE for you.

  4. We agree - we are honored to share such wonderful memories and such sadness too with you - friends are the wind beneath your wings - to pick you up and help gently carry you through the hard times and to be there to listen when ever you need an ear. That is what makes blogville so special

  5. When I read this I so wanted to be there to give you a great big hug. When it helps to talk, blogville will always be there to listen, thats one thing I've learned in my short time blogging.
    Loves and licky kisses
    Princess Leah xxx

  6. We are all here for you so you just talk about it whenever you need to. We all miss Greta; we loved her so much...and we know how special she was to you and your family. I love her box and the pink heart. I see she holds a place of honor among all those who came before her on the shelf.

  7. We share in all the happy times of Blogville but, more important, we also share the heartbreak and the tears. I have found the same to be true. No one understands the pain of loss of a family pet as well as the residents of Blogville. And we always try to be here for each other. Speaking for the DaWeenie household as well as for Blogville, we will never ever forget Greta and she will remain in the hearts of all who knew and loved her.

  8. What a beautiful tribute to Greta! We love getting to know her better -- please keep sharing the memories :)

  9. Oh, we totally understand and we're all grieving with you. Everyone adored Sweet Greta and it just takes time. Know that we are all here for you and your box for her is lovely. It might help a little to get Bailey and Hazel involved in some of the happenings and that may keep your mind off of things and bring you some joy. Just a thought. Warm hugs to all of you.
    Grr and Woof,
    Sarge, Furiend

  10. So hard to type with the tears flowing down our cheeks. Angel Greta will ALWAYS be remembered. We think your box is truly special. A rememberance that love NEVER dies!

    Lily Belle & Muffin

  11. That is such a beeYOUtiful box and special tribute for Greta. Take all the time you need to sort out your feelings. Everyone grieves differently, and there's no shame in taking time!

  12. Boy do we understand. We have Benny's favorite toys on moms dresser. He even went for a car ride with us (we told mom she was nutty). Its best to celebrate Greta she will always be a part of Blogville
    Lily & Edward

  13. That was such a loving tribute to the sweet Greta. Love and hugs from all of us.

  14. We have a shrine for Miss Ginger and Charisma too. It's on the top shelf of the TV cabinet. We have their ashes and pictures and trinkets and Mom's cocker spaniel figurine collection. We all still cry when we think of them.

  15. A most beautiful blog for one loved so dearly.

    Love, Gampy

  16. We adore hearing about Angel Greta, enjoy your memories and will always be here to listen.

    Big Big Hugs,
    Mama Beth, Dory, Jakey, Arty & Bilbo

  17. Mom was just think of Greta the other day as she redyour post of her in the snow...pondering the whys and what fors of such and untimely passing of your precious girl in the prime of her life. Mom knows she should not ask why so she shook her head. God has a great plan that we know....we just have to accept it. Many times we have heard this saying and we hope it helps you. If God gets to to it, he will get you through it.
    You just keep on writing and posting adorable photos of Angel Greta...we will enjoy each one as they are a celebration of her love of life and how she lived it with such gusto.
    Hugs madi and mom

  18. So hard to find words that will be of comfort just know we do care and we all know it takes time. Gentle nose nudges.

    Aroo to you,

  19. This is such a beautiful post. I don't think my blogging was ever the same after we lost Gizmo in October, 2010. He had a giant personality. Interestingly, so does Otto. I have ALL my animal's ashes on my nightstand. Crazy, I know, but I just like knowing they are all there! Take your time, and enjoy each day.

  20. Wonderful post. We understand. We finally buried Kendra's ashes with Daisy. Both, and all our other dogs are always with us. Something triggers a happy memory.

  21. This is a truly beautiful post, there is such sadness in Blogville when one of our friends has crossed the bridge and especially when you are part of such a huge community, a huge family like we all are and I love that you feel like we are your family too to share such precious memories, such deepest feelings and such special moments in moving on in your process of greif, it is beautiful that you are keeping her memory alive as she is very much still alive in all our hearts, I'm sure she is right about you along with those who have gone before her, flapping her pink Angel wings along with the others silver, gold and sparkling white wings all together, all so proud of you and so thankful to be loved by you so much, loved by all of us. You always have a shoulder to cry on, a ear to hear you and more than enough hearts to love you here! Love and Licks from your furiend Frank XxxxxxxxX (and Momma Jemma)

  22. we read every bit...a wonderful post for Greta....loves the little box for her!

    The Mad Scots

  23. Crikey ....... how could we not read on ....... Mum read EVERY word and then went back and read it again. So beautifully written. Greta was so lucky to have such a wonderful, caring family. We never get over losing the ones we love.

  24. We are always here in blogville to listen. Sending big Sheltie kisses your way. Mommy does like the shelf u have. Mommy has the ashes of pets in our bay window because she wants the dogs to look out the window and see her when she comes home from work. Happy memories, dogs always got so excited when Mommy came home from work.

  25. This post made me both smile and tear up. I don't think you can ever truly mend a broken heart. You can put it back together, but it's never fully whole again.

    I love that you're still sharing memories of Greta here. I haven't followed you for very long, and as I'm so busy, I miss a lot that happens in Blogville. So it's been a joy to read your memories and see all of the pictures of beautiful Greta.

    I've never had ashes from any of my past pets. I do have one kitteh buried out in the back yard so that he'll always be with me. I've vowed that if I ever move, he'll come with me. When it's time for the chi's to go to the rainbow bridge, I do plan on saving their ashes.

  26. A very lovely post. Foley has been gone almost a year and a half and she still is the voice of most of our blogs. It keeps her alive. I think people who come here and see the walls covered with her picture, the shrine to her, the paintings, would think we were crazy. Glad to know you aren't one of them.

  27. Oh dear, there is no way to rush the mending of a broken heart. The cost of love can be high but it is always worth it. Greta was your baby girl who was supposed to be around for many more years. When dogs get older we start preparing for what we know will eventually happen but with Greta being so young and it happening so fast there was no chance to prepare your hearts for what was to come. When we lose our older dogs, we lose a part of our past, all the years together. But when we lose a young dog we lose part of our future. It just hurts. No other dog will ever replace Greta but we hope one day you find another pup who can start giving you some love to fill the hole left in your hearts. But for now, it is perfectly fine to hold your memories of Greta close to your heart. No one knows how much a human can love a pet or grieve for a pet like Blogville. Take all the time you need and remember, no one in Blogville ever cries alone.

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  28. Oh, that was such a lovely postie. Ma's eyes were all watery readin' it, I miss Sweet Greta so much, and she was a big part of Blogville, and always will be. I loves the box you got for her ~ it is so beautifuls! What a lovely place you have for all your Angels.
    Ruby ♥♥

  29. Oh, what a lovely tribute to her. I know too well how hard it is to put everything away and organize all the cards and whatnot. It's a bittersweet process. I love that you have Angel Greta in the header. Love never ends!

  30. Thank you for posting this,, and trusting us with your heart and with all the tears that are falling. Thank you for allowing us to tell you that we feel like you are feeling,,,, We catch your tears as they fall,, and cradle them.. close to our heart,,,. and I know you catch our tears too.
    Greta was a part of each of our lives. There is no way to go on without Greta-- we need her,,, just as you do,, we need to see her photos,, we need to say her name over and over and talk about her, and cherish her. I need to tell you if I see her in the clouds.
    We need to see her on your blog page. We need to see the memorial so we can visit too.
    You indeed did find such a beautiful box for Greta to rest in. So lovingly placing the flower blossoms,, and her little collar.... and so many tears inside the box too, and little pink name.
    We need you to please keep talking about her,,,
    Please trust us,, that we want Greta in our life forever,, and she will always be my Angel Greta,,,, and I will never stop talking about her.
    I wish I could heal your heart,,,,,,, but I can't. And I hope someday Angel Greta will send you a new baby,, to wash away all your tears.
    We love you,,,all!
    Greta was part of my life,,, and will forever be- as long as there is a tweedles

  31. Blogville is still in a circle around you,,,, we are all joining paws,,,, and we wipe each others tears from each others eyes... because we all understand how you feel... and we are all family,,,,
    So many kind words of love have been left for all of you on this post,,,,We truly all understand,,, and so now,, I am taking a warm blanky,, and I am going to go jump up on the moon and visit with Greta, and all my other friends,, and I will give her your love..
    I know she will show me the sea of tranquility,,,,
    So if I am missing,, do not fear,,, I will be back soon,

  32. my tears were running while reading your post... but it's written so well and so full of love for your girl, that I can only agree with every word. Greta was the one who brought a smile on every face and I keep her in my heart furever...
    - xoxo Easy Rider who can't comment on blogger, because it says I don't own my own identity...-

  33. Yesterday at work I started to read to read your blog but only made it through a few lines, and knew I would need to wait until I got home later in the evening. Thank you for sharing this weekend with us and all of Greta's memories. I know how your heart is feeling right now, sometimes that place inside of us starts to heal, and then a memories runs across it and with it comes longing and hurt. We are so glad we have been here for you, Greta was our loss also.
    stella rose and momma

  34. I joined you in tears on this day and post. Putting them to rest is not easy. I LOVE your tribute. I had no idea you had lost so many others too. How heavy your heart must be. It is hard to carry on, hard to blog, hard to let go. We understand your pain and think you are doing everything JUST RIGHT. She will remain your angel. xoxo

  35. Very understandable after loosing our Jazzi. I still have her kennel bu and just got rid of her toys before Oreo came. I love to think about and remember my Jazzi and sometimes there's tears sometimes not. I think what you did was wonderful. I haven't done anything like that with Jazzi yet, but plan too. Just take it day by day and we don't mind one bit if you want to blog and remember Greta on here. Thats what we are here for, we are like family too. She was a family member and deeply loved.


  36. It takes time. You are doing a wonderful job preserving her memory.
    Happy Thanksgiving and we also give thanks for Blogville.
    Wyatt and Stanzie

  37. Just wanted to say thank you for your comment on Leah's blog. We've been a little worried about her 'zip' and the suture material that's coming out, the Vet isn't at all bothered by it, so we were very relieved to hear that Angel Greta had the same problem. As I mentioned on her blog, Leah is very honoured to be in the same select 5% as Angel Greta.
    Just so you know, your blogs about your little girlie are still helping others, thank you
    Julie x

  38. I don't know what I'm going to do when I lose any of mine ... I can't even imagine the pain you are going through but I am sorry that she is no longer here. We will always remember Greta and please keep sharing stories about her ...!

    Love, Ellen

  39. Thank you for sharing. I know that Greta will always be with you through the stories about her and the lovely memorial you made for her. I am keeping you all in my thoughts and sending you lots of pug love and hugs.


  40. I could've written your post, after I lost Angel K. I still haven't taken care of all her things, and I may never because I like having little reminders of her around me. I don't think that a broken heart ever heals but it eventually learns to revel in the love that is still around it, intensified by the memories of the one who is gone too soon.

    Be kind to yourself. I now realize that I sort of "went through the motions" for a very long time after K's death, trying to do the things I loved so I'd heal but not loving them as much as I used to. Now, about 2.5 years after her death, I've started to live life in full color again. My love for Shyla has become incredibly strong - and I know that I learned how to love from Angel K.

    I don't know if my ramblings help at all. But my main point is to allow yourself to go through whatever grief process your heart needs. You can't be "all better" before you're ready. We send love and hugs.

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