Monday, June 11, 2018

Wheelie House Tour

We finally got Mom to take some pictures 
of our new wheelie house

It is a little bit shorter than our old wheelie house

But it has a slide out on the one side
 which makes so much difference

As the one granddaughter said
"it is like a hobbit house,"
"it looks small on the outside but big on the inside"

So let us give you a tour

The first thing we did was get some better steps
 to make it easier for us (and short mom)
 to get in and out

Come on in friends!

How do you like our entry rug?

We liked it so much 
we had Mom put one in front of the kitchen sink too

These are our special steps
To get up on the bed

Mom just loves the open design 

But she did not care for the open shelf 
between the two bed cabinets

so they put up a shower curtain rod 
and hung curtains

The couch (that can fold down as a bed)
 is in the slide out
The black circles on the floor is where the table legs go

This is a stock photo of how the table looks

It seems just like a little house and Mom & Dad 
had fun shopping for decorations

They put up a clock and some wildlife photos
Mom found a great holder for our leashes

We truly feel blessed!

Here you can see the big closet and pantry, the fridge 

and ...

Dad found this sign for the bathroom BOL!

a place to hang our keys!

Mom really loves that the kitchen has a nice countertop!

Thanks for taking the tour

We can't wait to take it out camping!

We are the PugRanch Kids
Hazel & Mabel


  1. oh oh oh that's no wheelie house that's a palace!!! we love it!!!! the mama looked for a small rolling house too, butt now with a halp-pony in the furmily we need a much bigger one...

  2. Oh, Yes it is fabulous!
    You'll have to share all the exciting
    places you visit and the adventures
    with blogville. I can't wait to tag along.
    Enjoy packing up and camping in style.
    xo Astro

  3. That's a very spacious kitchen for a wheelie house! It looks purrfect.


  4. We love your wheelie house and can't wait to hear about all your adventures in it.

  5. Oh this are so nice!! Our Mama wants one so when da Daddy retires in a bazillion years they can travel lots more!

    Matt & Matilda

  6. Hari Om
    I practically grew up in a wheelie house, you know... then later when the folks bought bricks and mortar, we cont'd with the caravanning and camping. It's a really good life and I miss it. Looking forward to seeing and reading about your adventures. Hugs and wags, YAM-aunty xxx

  7. Oh my huggy puggies you are gonna have such fun times in the beautiful Wheelie house and make so many great memories. MOL outhouse. We love the flooring too and of course the paw rugs. When do you leave on your first trip?
    Hugs madi your bfff

  8. Wow - it really is VERY roomy inside! You girls are going to have a blast camping!

  9. Wow, we can't believe there is so much inside that wheelie house. You are going to have some great trips. If you head our way, let us know:)

    Woos - Lightning, Misty, and Timber

  10. Oh, wow! That is such a nice wheelie house! It's easy to forget that it's on wheels! You are going to have such fun!!!

  11. Wow! That is a super duper wheelie house! Y'all are going to have some great times traveling. We look forward to "joining" your adventures!

  12. Whoa, it's so roomy and fancy! Well done. I'll bet you have some grand adventures coming up.

  13. Crikey .... how good is that?? I love all the signs and things and I LOVE your mats. We have them at our house too. They are the best mats. Mine haven't got paw prints on them but they're still good. Mum reckons they are so easy to wash and they dry real quick. We have 7 of them. One at every door.

  14. It's beautiful and we laughed at the outhouse sign. What a great place to go camping in!

  15. wow is that cool! Looks like a real house and it also reminds me of the "tiny houses" which I love!

  16. OMD, Ma is sooooooooooo jealous!!!!! That is one PAWSOME Wheelie House gurls!!!! Ma wants to steal it and make it a huge margarita truck! BOL!!! Okays, that was MY idea, butts still, that is amazin'!
    Ruby ♥

  17. WOW Whee!! We really love your new wheelie house gals and can't wait to hear all about the fun adventures you have in it!!
    Rosy, Jakey & Arty

  18. Mom loves your new moving house on wheels. Dad is shaking his head and saying, no, we're not getting one or going camping. *sigh* Have fun without me. ~Lucy

  19. That could very well be the best wheelie house we have ever seeon

  20. Thats a mighty big wheelie house!! Its a castle! All that room, and even steps so you and Hazel can get on the bed.. We love those rugs too!
    How very fun and cool... So much fun for all of you,, and making happy , fun memories!

  21. hello hazel and mabel its dennis the vizsla dog hay that wheelie howse luks just like a reel howse to me!!! of korse home is warever mama and dada ar am i rite??? so warever yoo go in the wheelie howse home will be rite their with yoo!!! ok bye