Monday, July 23, 2018

We Went Camping! Sort of

Finally we planned the first trip out 
in the new wheelie house!
 We weren't going too far
The Caribou National Forest just over an hour or so away

Hazel told me how fun camping is and I was really excited

Are we there yet Dad???

 We found the pawfect spot
right by the creek and plenty of shade
and that 

is when things went awry

We got out to survey the spot and discovered that some 
very inconsiderate campers
 had emptied their sewage on the ground near the creek!! 


Then to make things more interesting
Mom was walking me & Hazel around and I was nose to the ground taking in all the new smells when suddenly..
I started sneezing - HARD
and then wheezing and sneezing
We got back in the pick up and after a bit the sneezing eased up but not enough that Mom & Dad quit worrying 
so we headed home. 

On the way home we did see some interesting things

We got behind a cattle drive!

 There were cattle dogs and horses and lots of cows

Then we got behind this solar car!!

It did not travel very fast - about 25 mile per hour

By the time we got home the sneezing had about stopped
We still wanted to camp so we did the silliest thing

We camped at Camp PugRanch!

Dad set up the wheelie house. opened the gates to the yard and used our camping pens to keep us safe
Then he put the rugs down and got out the camping chairs

After all that work it was time for a nap

In the evening we got the campfire going

Dad fixed some Jiffy Pop

Can you believe it was my first time eating popcorn??

We got to see a beautiful sunset

Here is a little video of me & Hazel 
playing by the light of the campfire!

Then we went to bed in the wheelie house
and I slept like a log.

While it wasn't the camping trip we envisioned
we still had a lot of fun

We are the PugRanch Kids
Hazel & Mabel


  1. oooh that is heaven... popcorn from a campfire!!! wow!... but it's sad that some people will not keep such fab places clean for others...hope they will find them and they have to remove that mess with their bare hands...

  2. Hari OM
    OMD what a shock to find that open mess like that!!! But Mabel, that sneezing makes me wonder if your were sniffering all thenew sniffs so much that you got your snooter loaded with dusties and pollens and generally just had sniff overload?!! Maybe ma and pa have to think about antihistamines fur ya so that you can enjoy proper away trips. Meanwhile, as kids, we used to have garden campouts and they were some of the funnest times!!! Hugs and wags, YAM-aunty xxx

  3. OMD,
    Well at least you got to try out the new wheelie house.
    Some people should read the rules about pumping the nasty sewage is a big no no! Did you like the popcorn? And your camp fire must have been fun were there
    marshmallows too. Camping can be fun anywhere right?

    xo Astro & Mitzie

  4. That sure looks like fun camping time to me! Isn't popcorn just the bestest!

  5. You parents are just the best...they took a lemon and made you lemonade...what fun, we want to go camping now! We can smell that popcorn clear over here in Iowa. Mags and Gusser

  6. What in the world kind 2 legger empties sewage on the ground. I thought most camping places had special spots for that. Dog gone heathens.
    thank goodness the sneezing and wheezing stop. I love that you camped anyway and got to try out your new wheelie house. We got a real charge out of the cattle drive and the solar car all in one day. Past and future
    Hugs madi your bfff

  7. It's too bad someone had to ruin your fun at the camp ground but you made an adventure out of it anyway. How cool that you ran into a real cattle drive too.

  8. I love the video by the fire! But how rude of the other campers to dump their sewage like that! Your wheelie house sounds like lots of fun!

    P.S: This comment is from Ruby from The Daily Pip and her mom. We changed our blog name and wanted you to know it is still us.

  9. OMD..Humans can be SO VERY RUDE!!

    I do think your yard is the pawfect place for your first camping trip Mabel, and I am glad you have quit the sneezy wheezies!!

  10. That is just a shame about the campsite. Bad and inconsiderate campers to leave all that garbage. Poor Mabel - she must have been allergic to something there. Mom and Dad made the best decision to leave. And that was good because you got to see those interesting things on the way home. And nothing wrong with a backyard campout - it looks like it was a grand time.

    Woos - Lightning, Misty, and Timber

  11. That looks like SO MUCH FUN! I went camping once but not in a wheelie house. We slept on the cold ground and shivered ALL NIGHT. But we had dinner by a campfire and Mommy made S'mores. The next morning we took a walk to the LAKE (Emerald Bay) and it was gorgeous.
    Love Noodles

  12. I am sorry you got the sneezes. That must have been very frightening for your parents. I think having the camper at your house was a very cool idea.

  13. Oh no...sorry about your case of the sneezles. Hope you're back to 100% now. Camping in the driveway makes life fairly easy...just in case you furget to bring along an essential. 😊

  14. Isn't popcorn amazing?!? Mom says that she hasn't had any Jiffy-Pop in a hundred years but that it sure brought back a lot of memories. Camping in your own yard is pawsome and the great thing is NO BEARS! BOL!

  15. Sometimes "Stay-cations" are the BEST!!

  16. First, let me say that we've run into similarly gross behavior by other campers - not in campgrounds but in campsites. Yuck. What is wrong with them?

    I'm glad that you were so adaptable and still had a wonderful time. Fun is what it's all about! You got to have a dry run with your new wheelie house. Pawfect!

  17. Baby steps! You got to use the wheelie house. Next time you'll go somewhere more adventurous!

  18. I am glad your camping trip ENDED up perfectly happy.!

  19. OMD dat was a rough start to camping especially wif da nasty sewage dumping people..Ewwwww!! Buts I fink you had da pawfect ending and sometimes camping in your driveway is da best :)

    Matt & Matilda

  20. hello hazel and mabel its dennis the vizsla dog oh hay wow i am sorry to heer that yore camping trip got spoilt by sneezing and espeshly by gross hyoomans dooing gross hyooman things!!! but i am glad yoo got to camp owt in yore own yard at leest!!! as long as yoo ar with yore mama and dada it is always a gud time am i rite??? ok bye