Monday, October 7, 2019

Angel Greta's 7th Annual Breast Cancer Awareness Button Giveaway

Hi Friends - Angel Greta here!

In 2013 Mom & I had a special button giveaway for
 Breast Cancer Awareness Month

It was such a great success we wanted to do it again

Despite my unexpected departure for the Rainbow Bridge 
in 2014
we have continued our special giveaway
 because I let Mom know that I am always here 
- in her heart - 

and we would still do this together

You see my Mom is celebrating 8 years as a 
Breast Cancer Survivor

 I came into Mom's life just a few months 
after she completed her radiation treatments
 and I was an important part of her overall recovery. 

Now each October for Breast Cancer Awareness Month
I always like to share 
my story of .....

How I Became Mom's "Pink" Dog
by Angel Greta

Mom has NEVER liked the coloPINK
her favorite colors are green and purple

 you may have noticed that I
wore a lot of PINK

Eight years ago something happened


After having her yearly check up
Mom was told she needed a biopsy

Two days before the start of
Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Mom was told she had breast cancer

Then not only did she not like PINK
Trying to come to terms with the Big C diagnoses
and PINK was in her face everywhere she went.

Surgery was scheduled and followed soon after
 by 6 weeks of radiation treatments

It was then that Mom began to realize
just how lucky she was

 She does her wellness check ups every year
 so her cancer was caught early

 She has a family that loves her and needs her
and she will be here for them

for a long time to come

  Mom realized that during
 Breast Cancer Awareness Month
she can let people know that
early detection saves lives 

so she decided
 to embrace the colo"PINK"

 and that, my friends

 is how I became Mom's "Pink" dog.

Dear Furiends!
Please make sure your loved ones educate themselves on the risks of breast cancer and the importance of mammograms if they are over 40, earlier if there is a history of breast cancer in the family.

Early detection can make such a difference!

In recognition of Breast Cancer Awareness Month
we are once again having a little giveaway!
From the Café Press Shop of
we have
 Pug w/pink ribbon mini buttons  
(1” diameter) to send out to our friends

They look great on a blouse, lapel, or pinned on a hat (that’s where Mom’s human son wore his).

Maybe you want to show support for someone close to you that is battling this disease, honor a loved one or just want to help spread awareness.

Maybe your peep is a survivor like our Mom

Those if you that received a button in the past we hope you are wearing it proudly!

We have a limited number of buttons this year ( 3)

so if you would like a button

 send us an email with your snail mail addy to
pugranch2 AT msn DOT com

(buttons will be mailed on a first come basis)

Promoting Breast Cancer Awareness
 has truly become Angel Greta's legacy of love


Angel Greta & Mom


  1. Hari OM
    OOOOOHHHH Angel Greta, you are still adorable and I always love this time of year with you!!! I wear my lapel badge proudly, for your mum, for my mum and for friends who have had this challenge in their lives. Sending wing-tipped waggles your way and huggiees to mum. YAM-aunty xxx

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  2. Congratulations on eight years for your mom, angel Greta! This is a wonderful give-away that she does every year.

  3. Hey Angel Greta....might I add that these lovely pins are very sturdy...I still have mine. It is pinned on the inside of my pocketbook
    Puggy Huggies

  4. We will make sure SHE puts on the button!

  5. Those pins are a great way to show support for Breast Cancer awareness. Our Oma had that and our mom is very good about doing her regular checkups.

  6. How blessed you are to be a survivor. Thankfully none in our family have suffered with this, although other cancers have been all too common within family and dear friends ... we support all who fight against "the C's".

  7. You do good works, even from the Rainbow Bridge, Angel Gretta. We are very happy your Mom is a survivor. Xox Lucy and Xena

  8. I love my button. Congratulations on 8 years. Thanks for being a great reminder to schedule my mammogram.

  9. Wow, congrats to your mom for being C-free for so many years! That's pawsome. We're not huge fans of pink either so we send our best blue 💙instead.

  10. That's some great advice, angel Greta! Our auntie Kay is a BC survivor, and always urges the ladies in the family to get those "puppies" checked out!

  11. I am so very happy for your mom, Angel Greta. I follow the early detection rules too because my mom died of breast cancer, back before so many advances were made. I am just so thrilled that your mom is doing so well.

    I received a button in a past year (which I wear proudly) so I will let others get these limited ones.

  12. Dat are so pawesome and congrats to your Momma for being 8 years cancer free!! We still has our button and we cherish it :)

    Matt & Matilda