Friday, April 3, 2020

Nature Friday Fun

Some of you may have heard 
that Idaho had a 6.5 earthquake on Wednesday. 
We felt it but the epicenter was in central Idaho
  in a fairly remote area (we are in southeast Idaho)
and there were no bad damages reported that we know of. 

 Then yesterday we woke up to this!!!

What are you supposed to do when it is cold and snowy 
and you are under stay at home orders??

Mom got out some of our new puzzles

This is the easiest of them 
and I had it mastered in no time at all

Then Mom put down a harder one 
and let Hilda try the easy one

I am sure glad that Hilda is sharing her birthday puzzles with me!

We are the PugRanch Kids
Mabel & Hilda


  1. omg you two are super fantabulous... and we LOVE your voice!!! but snow... in april? must be a joke from mother nature :O)

  2. Y'all are clearly dat "Puzzle Masters"! I have one puzzle dat we play wiff maybe once a month. I'm going to have to talk to mom about having more puzzle time.

  3. Go Mabel!! Did you hear me barking back at you and routing you on???!!!

  4. Aren't interactive puzzles so much fun! Great job, girls!

  5. that's a great way to have fun indoors. Love Mabel encouraging your mom to 'hurry up'. Can't believe all the snow.

  6. Hari OM
    Crikey - that's some quake. Glad you are all okay. And very good with those puzzles!!! Hugs and wags, YAM-aunty xxx

  7. We got a big blast of cold today with lots of rain and ice, but no snow:( We think it may have come out of Idaho. Glad that earthquake did no harm.

    Those puzzles look like fun - we love the round and round action:) Just like Timber does with his food bowl:)

    Good to see you.

    Woos, Lightning and Timber

  8. I am glad your mom knows what to do when the weather is bad. You are experiencing your own Erwin Allen movie.

  9. Looks like you ladies had tons of fun! And yummies too!

  10. Oh my word for some reason all out news talks about is the virus...every now and then they might have OTHER news. I did not know about the earthquake. I'm glad all are ok.
    My sweet huggy puggies well done on the puzzle. You have excellent eye, paw and tongue coordination
    Hugs Cecilia

  11. Awesome job. Someone waits as patiently as Lee!

  12. Those puzzles really kept you girls busy. We hope you eventually found all the pieces in the more difficult one.

  13. Wow, earthquakes and a bunch of snow! You received a lot more than us. Ours was melted the next day. Those puzzle videos are pretty cool. Way to go! Stay warm and safe. Spring should arrive. Eventually.

  14. Oh, I saw all abouts the Earthquake there! very scary stuffs if you're not used to it fursure! (though, I knows your Moms is from here, so i thinks maybe she gots some nostalgia from feelin' it! BOL!)I am glads everyone is okays, and no major damage.
    Why do the peeps think that we won't find the treatie in those doggie puzzles?? yeah, who cares, as long as the treaties keep flowin', amirite
    Keeps the peeps safe, and keep their paws washed!
    Ruby ♥

  15. We heard all about the shaking earth.
    Our Aunt Cathy called from Pocatello to
    let us know she was ok.
    We just want to know when the sun is going to shine.
    Mom is going crazy to work in the yard.

    o Astro and Mitzie

  16. Lulu: "We did hear about the earthquake in Idaho!"
    Charlee: "We had one here too but nobody felt it at our house."
    Chaplin: "Maybe we're all just used to them by now."
    Lulu: "Anyway we have seen lots of people playing with puzzles these days but most of them don't have food in them."
    Chaplin: "So we like your puzzles better!"

  17. Wow an earthquake! That would have been exciting (so long as it wasn't too close).
    Those puzzles look fun, and we think you both are super smart!

  18. How exciting! Pierre is very interested in your little barks.

  19. Those puzzles are the very best :) I'm glad that no one was hurt in that quake. That's a big one!