Saturday, September 7, 2013

Bailey & Gracie go to The Fair

It's finally here!!
Sarge had this great idea for a
Blogville Date day/night
and it's finally here
Of course I asked my girl Gracie Lynn
It's State Fair week here in Idaho
what better place to take a date
 for food and fun!
First stop was a food booth
For some cheese fries and
 corn dogs tube steaks

Then we just had to get some souvenir hats

Up on the ferris wheel ride
we could see soooo far

Gracie was a little nervous but I held her close
It took me a few tries and a lot of green papers
 but I won a teddy bear for my sweet Gracie
And you can't go to the fair
without sharing some cotton candy

I saved the best ride for last
But our date wasn't over yet
A lovely dinner at a quiet spot

then a walk in the moon light
and the perfect date ended

with a perfect kiss
I had a wonderful time Gracie Lynn
I hope you did too


  1. Those are great hats. The fair looked like so much fun! Lee and Phod

  2. Oh Bailey!
    That wasa so much funs!! Isa loved the pink teddy bear yousa wons for me and the pink crocheted hat yousa bought. Needless to say, that corndog and cheese fries and the sweet cotton candy made me so full that at our dinner I ate like a bird but then when dessert came...wesa both snarfed that up didn't we...nothing like icy-creams. Thanks yousa so much for putting me at ease on the ferris wheel...Isa enjoyed our cuddles. And that Goodnight kiss was...BREATH TAKING!!
    Isa enjoyed yoursa state fair in Idaho so, so, so, sooooo much...did yousa know it is State Fair in Kansas this week, too?? What aresa the odds?

    Now...Isa will go rest and have sweet dreams of my Bailey mans.

    Your girl (sending you lots of kisses and snuggles and snorts),
    Gracie Lynn

  3. Oh...Isa forgots to tells yousa...the mail arrived with a package for me...but mean ol' mama made me wait until my birthday to open it...something abouts it not being alright to open gifties early. Pish-posh Isa say...but then again...she hasa the heights to reach the place where shesa put the box...drats!!
    See you on Thursday for my 8th birthday!!
    Your girl (a big smoochie sent to you...did you catch it??),
    Gracie Lynn


    OMD you had Corn Tube Steaks on a stick? OMD.. and then RIDES and the HATS and the TEDDY bear you WON fur her... and the TUNNEL of ♥ !
    What a PERFECT PERFECT date.

    Did we say that the Last PICTURE IS.... WOW WOW WOW???

  5. Ooooo the tunnel of love!!!!! And what a perfect way to end the date a smooch in the moon light.

  6. Oh how lovely! We love your hats and seeing you having a good time at the funfair!
    Dip Bridge and Elliot x

  7. Oh, what a wonderful time! It's always fun at the Fair!

  8. Wow, Bailey & Gracie Lynn, your date was so much fun! OMD the fair was a super idea. There's always amazing foodables there and the hats were BOL funny. What an adorable couple. I bet that teddy bear will be a cherished possession to remember your big day by. Oh, that glorious smooch by the light of the moon....ahhhhhh romance.
    Grr and Woof,
    Sarge, Furiend

  9. BTW: I love how the winning bear matches Gracie's dress and does the cotton candy! All matched in beautiful pink. PERFECT!

  10. I always wished I had a date to take me to the fair. You look so cute together. Sounds like a fun date.

  11. Oh Wow your pictures were just great...we just loved watching your date, and teddy bear and tunnel of love..just everything..w.ow!!!
    stella rose