Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Bath Time X 2

Just because Mom had an evil tick on her
(see Monday post)
she decided we all needed a bath

Actually I don't mind 
and I couldn't wait to get in the tub

Is there enough water yet?

after I was done
 I jumped right back in with Hazel!
(mom says excuse her torn shirt, it is her painting shirt)

Now we really are going camping for a couple of days
So you know what that means?
Another bath when we get home!

 we will catch up with everybody when we get back

We are the PugRanch Kids
Bailey, Hazel & Greta


  1. Oooohhh...don't remind me. I heard Mom and Dad saying something about "Amber" and a "bath" too. Gotta find a good hidey place.

    Have fun camping!

  2. I can't believe that you even jumped back in the "tub of torture" ... hey, that stuff is W.E.T.!
    I hope you will have a great time, Camping is wonderful! Maybe you can bark before you enter a forest, that all ticks will run away ?

  3. We loves our bathes, and we frow a big fit if we think one of us is going to get one and the others are not. Have a great time a camping!!
    stella rose

  4. Ruuuuunnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn water makes things shrink you know...heck we won't even step in a puddle!

  5. You are not suppose to like baths!
    Lily & Edward

  6. Water is fun to be in, so I'm glad you like baths! You guys have a wonderful time camping and I hope your Mom doesn't get any of those nasty creatures on her again!

    Love, Gampy

  7. Are you yanking our walkin strings??? SURELY you don't REALLY like taking a baff???

    Have a WONDERFUL time Camping.... Take LOTS of Pictures fur us... We want to enjoy it Too.

  8. oh wow you guys are good

    retro rover

  9. Riley doesn't really enjoy her baths, though she doesn't hate them either. She needs one now (after getting caught in the rain twice this week on walks!), but since she's being boarded this weekend, I think we'll wait until afterwards to get her smelling beautiful again!! And I need to get a sprayer attachment for the tub to make it easier to wet her and rinse her.

    Karen and Riley

  10. Wow, camping is such wonderful fun and it's definitely worth getting a bath or two! I'm going to miss all of you, but I bet you have a fabulous time. Please show us pix when you return!
    Grr and Woof,
    Sarge, Pol Comm

  11. That looks very refreshing on a hot day.
    Hope you all have a great time on your camping trip!
    Dip and Elliot x

  12. Well now that you are clean, have fun on vacation and get REAL DIRTY to make up for the bath!

    The Mad Pirate Scots

  13. Another bath when you get home. Well, that's a license to GET DOWN AND DIRTY!

  14. Mom says she wishes the girls here liked baths! You guys have fun camping!

  15. Two pugs in a tub rub a dub dub.

    Aroo to you,

  16. Your both so cute in that tub together! Get those ticks down the drain!

  17. Have fun camping! I hope you don't see any more ticks!! You're so brave to hop in the tub like that! Rita would NEVER!

  18. Happy camping!!!
    Dory, Arty, Jakey & Bilbo

  19. Have a GREAT time camping!!! I expect a FULL report when you get back!

  20. Does your mom realize how lucky she is that you like baths?! Have a great time camping :-)

  21. Have fun camping! We've only been twice and it rained both times ... so we're hoping you get lots of sunshine and roasted tube steaks (hot dogs)!!!

    Love Zoe, Peyton, Webster, Liberty & Whitney

  22. I never met a pup who liked bath time. Ooh, I hate getting ticks on me.

  23. Haha, someone's keen then! At least you doggies had no ticks on you, phew!
    Pippa :)