Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Christmas Presents!

A few days before Christmas 
a surprise package came from Noodles the Pug
Earlier in the year Greta had won a prize in 
Noodles Birthday Hat Contest

OMP! Treats and toys from
Pugs in the Kitchen!

And Two Cards!
It seemed that Sarge had also won a prize
 and wanted his prize to go to Greta.

Thank you Noodles & Sarge too!
We will surely enjoy the toys and the yummy treats in 
Angel Greta's honor!

It started snowing here in Idaho on Christmas Eve

This is what is looked like out our window 
Christmas morning!

And look!

something peeking out of Angel Greta's stocking!!

A new Pug in the house!

What do you make of that?

We are the PugRanch Kids
Bailey & Hazel


  1. Fun stuff yu gots!

    Stay in, stay warm today!

  2. OMD, a new pug in the house! How exciting. :) We got our package too, and the treats are nommy!

  3. wow that's a cool prize and Sarge is a fabulous guy isn't he? The little pug in Gretas stocking is so cute, this little guy deserved a place in your bed at night :o)
    Easy Rider

  4. How exciting! Love all your great pressies. That is so funny, Archie got one of those flat pugs from his mum Melissa too.
    Dip and Elliot x

  5. Hazel and Mr. Bailey...what a nice surprise from friends. Mom and I know that Angel Greta is smiling her famous Pug smile watching you enjoy the toys and treats...Angel Greta is always just a smile away!!
    Hugs and ♥ madi your bfff and mom
    PS You had a snowy Christmas for sure

  6. OH how NICE of Noodles and SARGE... Those are GRAND prize Pressies...

    OMP OMP a New PUG in the house... THAT is just Fabulous... Santa Paws did a great job of picking that squeaker toy out...
    We want to wish you two and your Peeps a very VERY MUCH HAPPY NEW YEAR.

  7. Oh that new Pug is gorgeous, how lovely, I agree with Madi, bet Angel Greta is smiling.

    Could you send me a small parcel of snow pleeeease, not too much but enoughs for this little Princess to haf a play in. Thank you

    Hope Hazel isn't too sore after her teefs clean.
    Loves and very gentle licky kisses for Hazel
    Princess Leah xxx

  8. We just read your comments and we are laughing and laughing!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  9. You nearly have a White-out!

    We're sure Angel Greta would want you to share her prizes! Enjoy!

  10. Hari Om
    Oh that is one cute new-pug!!! No doubt about it, whiteness on Christmas morning is soooooo very pretty... Huge hugs and wags as we approach Hogmanay! YAM-aunty xxx

  11. WOW, winter is there alright, just cold here....Hey, louves that little Greta, bet she is all soft and loveable!

    The Mad Scots

  12. Bailey and Hazel - I am so glad the prizes arrived and you LIKE them! PITK are my FAVORITE snacks when I have them ;-) Haha! Get the joke?
    Actually, I really do love them a lot.
    Love Noodles

  13. Hey Bailey and Hazel!
    Wow, I'm so glad you are enjoying your pressies! I was very happy to send my share to Sweet Greta. Love that pug toy and I wish I had one of those too. :)
    Grr and Woof,
    Sarge, Furiend

  14. Those are great gifts and a nice way to remember sweet Greta.

  15. Wow! Y'all got some great pressies and a major prize! Congratulations ♥

  16. I'm so glad you were able to have a good Christmas... and I hope you have a Happy New Year!

  17. Looks like a fun Christmas - I like da new pug!

  18. I'm so happy that you all got such thoughtful gifts... and such nice ones! A new pug in the house - wowzers!

  19. What wonderful gifts! Love the new "pug" Hope you all have a great New Year's Eve tomorrow!
    Marty, Mom and the Gang

  20. I love all your prezzies! And yes,, Archie has one of those little pugs too,, (from his momma Melissa).
    What a wonderful time.

  21. What a great bunch of pressies!!! We are soooo envious of your White Christmas morning!!!
    Dory, Jakey, Arty & Bilbo

  22. Crikey .... I'd sure like to see that scene outside my window on Christmas morning!! You got some nice pressies ..... lucky you, aye??

  23. Just stopping by to wish you and your family good health and much happiness in 2015!

  24. Hi Y'all!

    Wishing y'all a happy and healthy 2015!

    Happy New Year!
    Hawk aka BrownDog

  25. What great prezzies! We love your stockings by Agnes.

    Happy 2015!

    Lily Belle & Muffin