Friday, December 19, 2014

Mom's Special Gift from Dad

 I promised you one more "special" post

 and I want to show you my 
Greta Memorial Bead

Greta and I shared a very strong bond
After losing her, I was desperate for some way 
to feel like she was still with me 
and I remembered reading about
 Sisu Beads Memorial Jewelry
several months ago at our friends 
Pooches Smooches 

Sisu Beads uses a very tiny amount of your loved ones ashes
 and creates a beautiful piece of jewelry.

from their web site
Sisu Beads memorial jewelry as a tangible way to stay connected.  Every Sisu Bead is hand sculpted with love.   The cremation ashes are hand mixed with the glaze and fired into the bead 

I showed this to my husband and he agreed
I needed a Greta Memorial bead

the ordering was easy -  I picked out the style of bead 
and the color I wanted right there on the website. 

Within a few days a package arrived with a gift box inside

Don't know why blogger insists to put these sideways
Inside was a collection kit and instructions.
The kit contained a small plastic envelope
 and a small spoon.
Only a very small amount of ash was needed 
(about the size of a watermelon seed)
any unused ash would be returned.
Everything was sealed and put in the prepaid priority mail envelope that was provided
They also encourage sending along a picture and to tell them something about your loved one. 

Off in the mail it went
 and two days later we received a personal email 
letting us know that our special package had arrived and they would take the very best care of our Greta

Four weeks later another gift package arrived
Along with a hand written note card

And inside the package was my very special

Greta Memorial Bead

pink of course

And not only that
 but also a box of note cards 
with Greta's picture on them

 This was not the picture I had sent to them by the way
They had taken the time to visit our blog 
and choose a picture from there!

I was so impressed with the personal and caring service
If you are ever thinking about something like this
I would highly recommend contacting
Gina & Julie 

It was while I was waiting for my Sisu Bead to arrive

that a very dear friend 
sent us the beautiful little Greta Star
Now I have two precious ways 
to keep my girl close to my heart

the PugRanch Mom

We are The PugRanch Kids
Mr Bailey & Hazel 


  1. a beautiful way to honor a pretty girl

    retro rover

  2. Those are lovely. Such a beautiful way to remember a beautiful family member. Have a fabulous Friday.
    Best wishes Molly

  3. Such a lovely reminder that the love between two is always there. Very beautiful!

    Lily Belle & Muffin

  4. Hari OM
    What an original and amazingly caring gift! Absolutely pawfect... hugs and wags, YAM-aunty xxx

  5. What a lovely, lovely idea, so very personal.
    Loves and licky kisses
    Princess Leah xxx
    (And you'll be pleased to know my zip is healing at last...Your comments about Greta and her zip problem were a great comfort to the peeps who were getting a bit concerned. Many thanks and hugs from us)

  6. I love everything about this thanks for sharing it.

    Aroo to you,

  7. That's a wonderful idea. We're keeping their website in our list of "favorites". Thank you for sharing. The bead is beautiful.

  8. I just knew it would be pink for Angel Greta. I love not only how they hand-make each bead but how great they are at customer service. Such thoughtful people running a very thoughtful company. The Angel Greta star charm is quite lovely too. Two wonderful memorial mementos for you. I know Greta is smiling.

  9. OMD, what a special gift!! Momma is bookmarking this site AND sharing the link with all our LBR friends. Thank you for sharing!

  10. I had no clue that such a wonderful thing is possible. It's great to have a piece always close to your heart. but I'm not sure if my mom is strong enough to open the urns and to send it to sisubeads... I better ask my dad. Many thanks for a very touching but wonderful post.
    Easy Rider

  11. Excuse me while I wipe a tear from my eye. This is the sweetest memorial post to Greta yet! She sure was loved.
    Love Noodles

  12. Such a wonderful way to keep Greta close to your heart....

  13. What a special heartfelt gift
    Lily & Edward

  14. Your Greta bead is absolutely beautiful. I love the colour and shape. I know exactly what you mean about staying connected. I wear my Bridge bead every day and it is such a comfort to have her there with me around my neck.
    Lynne x

  15. Oh my goodness this is such a beautiful way to hold Greta close to your heart everyday. I love the shape of the bed and of course the color. Greta was your heart dog and now she sits just above your heart.
    Lots of hugs madi and mom

  16. Can't think of anything more beautiful than your special memory bead of Angel Greta. Mum and I are going to put something shiny on Amiee Satu Mist Blossom's tree in the garden on Christmas Day. We do it every Christmas Day. Lots of luvs Mom.
    Luvs Freya Rose Blossom X

  17. OH MY PUG..... we are astounded by this... what a wonderful thing... and OH the PERSONAL CARE that they showed our dear furend... OH MY PUG... that is so very very special... Thank you for sharing this with us... We have never heard of this company before... they must be Fabulous Folks.
    This is just so sweet and tender. We are smiling Ear to Ear.

  18. Oh my gosh, that is so beautiful, special, amazing! I can't think of a more special and perfect gift! Enjoy!

  19. Simply lovely and I know it will be worn with great love!


  20. That's just beautiful. what caring people...

  21. What a good idea! We still have ashes from Miss Ginger and Old Charisma!

  22. That is beautiful and a wonderful way to keep Greta close to your heart. I love it and the cards are so thoughtful. ♥

  23. That is beautiful! After I lost my first two dogs my sister had a beautiful necklace made for me. I don't wear it everyday but know I have it when I need them close.

  24. That's simply wonderful. I have done something very similar for my departed dogs. They are always close to my heart in a little gold heart with an urn in side it. I love your bead. It is perfect for Greta's memory.

  25. Looking at the beautiful Greta Memorial Bead,,, has brought tears to our eyes. So much love from Greta is in that keepsake,,,beautiful pink color,,,
    oh what a wonderful tribute page this is,,to sweet Greta,,, she brought us all together- didn;t she?
    tweedles and moms

  26. Oh, that is just beautifuls!!! OMD, how special is that? ( OMD, I just noticed Charlie said the same thing! BOL!!! ) Thank you for sharing this. I think this will be a nice treasure for alot of peeps to consider. Not to mention, it is just amazing. ♥
    Ruby ♥

  27. I love that this business exists. What a perfect way to keep her close to your heart.

  28. I've heard of similar businesses, and will likely use one of them when my boys pass on. I love that you'll always have a piece of Greta to remember her by.

  29. I love it! How absolutely sweet. Hope you all have a blessed Christmas.
    Marty's Mom

  30. That sure is a very special and pretty memorial for Greta. We still think of her all the time, too.