Friday, December 4, 2015

My Letter to Santa Paws!

Today I am joining Ranger's 

Santa Paws List Day Blog Hop!

Tell Santa just how very good you have been all year long and make a list of what you would like Santa Paws to bring you - that's all- Oh and join the hop!!!

Here is my letter to Santa Paws

Christmas Card Count!

Pugs - 13   Peeps - 0

We are the PugRanch Kids
Bailey, Hazel & Mabel


  1. Mabel, that is a wonderful letter. We are sure Santa will make your wishes come true!

  2. Oh Mabel, you are the sweetest little Pug Kid. I just know Santa Paws is going to make your first Christmas super special!

  3. That's a grreat letter. You're sure to get everything you asked for!

  4. That's a grreat letter. You're sure to get everything you asked for!

  5. That is just the sweetest letter to Santa that I's ever seen! Let's hope Santa hears and grants this wish FUR the new year!

  6. Mabel, I hope so much that Santa makes this furst christmas to a wonderful event for you. To bring a laugh to this world is the bestest thing ever. and it's not easy, so you probably have magic pug-power in your little heart... and that sure is a wonderful gift :O)

  7. thats what we all want good letter
    retro rover

  8. Mabel.....I can purrsonally tell Santa all about kind heart and goodness and your love for your new home and siblings!! We are thankful to have come to know you this year and for your comical abilities you make everybuddy smile!
    Hugs madi your bffff

  9. What a wonderful letter Mabel!! I bet Santa has those delish Himalayan chewies all packed on his sleigh already!

  10. MABEL.... MABEL... you did an EXCELLENT job on your Furst Letter to Santa Paws...
    It was really Brilliant to add the pawt about learning how to make your mom LAUGH... that is very impawtant fur peeps to do... to keep them Sane and stuffs...
    OMD Santa Paws will read this and say... I need a BIGGER Sleigh... to carry Mabel's Him a Lay Un chews.

  11. You are sure to get what you want from Santa Paws!

  12. Sounds like you were a good girl indeed! Hope and wising that you get all the things you asked so nicely for, Mabel!

  13. That is a wonderful letter to Santa. You were definitely a very good girl. ☺

  14. OMD, that is one FABulous letter Mabel!!! Those are some great thingies to learn in your furst year...NEXT year....margaritas!!!! BOL!!!! Oh, Ma said you might have to wait a couple more years...whatevers.
    Ruby ♥

  15. You have given Santa such a beautiful letter, Mabel. We are sure he will try very hard to grant you all your wishes. We hope your first Christmas at the Idaho PugRanch is a wonderful one.

    Woos - Ciara and Lightning

  16. You are such a sweet girl, Mabel. You're right that learning how to make your mom laugh is the best thing you've done all year. I hope that all your wishes come true. Santa has surely noticed what a special girl you are.

  17. Oh Mabel that is such a lovely letter, I still haven't got off the naughty list & mommy says I'm getting a bucket of coal for my present.

    Don't forget to send all of you guys pics for our smiley box,

    Love ya
    Sammie jean

  18. We got your Christmas card in the mail. U did a pawsome job on your card. Mommy kept admiring how nice it looked. Very impressive!

  19. Dear Mabel
    I have a feeling that Santa has read your letter 699 times now.. And I know he is smiling..
    Do you know why? Its because you did something very big for a little girl to do.. and that is to make your mom laugh! Oh that makes Santa very happy!
    And you have learned how to be a good girl.. and sit and stuff,,,,
    I have a feeling he will try very hard to make all your wishes come true.
    Your letter to him is so beautiful,, that I think he is reading it again

  20. That is a wonderful letter!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley