Saturday, December 2, 2017

Is There Snow at the Rainbow Bridge?

 Friday morning we got down to 16 degrees

Saturday morning we woke up to snow on the ground

Most of it was gone by later in the day 
but more snow is supposed to be on its way tomorrow

With the arrival of winter weather
 today we are thinking of our old man
 on what would have been his 15th birthday

Last winter was so very hard for him
especially when the temps were in the sub zero range
and we had record snowfall
We knew in our hearts it would be his last with us

Just the other day I was seeing who was where
Hazel was in her bed in the study, 
Mabel on her back of the couch "perch".
Then  - "now where's Bailey?" 
that brought tears

My dear Bailey Man,
If there is snow at the Rainbow Bridge
I know your once again young body
 will be oblivious to the cold as you run and play
and that warms my heart

Miss you

We are the PugRanch Kids
Hazel & Mabel


  1. We are sure Bailey read the words in your heart.

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

    Pee Ess - Mom says to keep the snow up north.

  2. Hari OM
    It will be the kind of snow they have in films - all the fun and none of the 'numb'! Blessings to angel Bailey and huggies to the furmily who miss him. YAM-aunty xxx

  3. We miss Bailey he was a special friend.
    xo Astro

  4. Our Lily loved the snow when we lived in NY. Maybe Bailey and Lily are romping around together in the white stuff at The Bridge.

  5. Bailey knows how much he was loved.

  6. Our Katie loved snow. I hope she has plenty of snow to run in with her furiend Bailey.

  7. Angels Maggie and Mitch loved the snow. We hope they are doing spins and playing in it with Bailey♥

  8. Awe, I am so sorry. I know that feeling of looking and then realizing they are gone. Hugs!

    P.S.: Thanks for stopping by my blog the last few days. I actually decided to change things a bit with my list of 31 Ways To Celebrate the Holidays. I added all 31 things to the original (yesterday's) post as I was worried I wouldn't be able to keep up with one post a day. Silly I know! Thank you!

  9. Its nice but yet hard to remember our loved pets. I always remember little Jazzi!! I bet they are running in fields just having the times of their lives and a taco for a snack!!


  10. Happy Birthday Angel Bailey. We know you are enjoying all the sun and snow at the Rainbow Bridge.

  11. From Angel Foley: Yes, there is snow at Rainbow Bridge but only up in the mountains. I don't like the snow so I rarely go to the snowy parts but if a pup wished, they could play in the snow everyday day. I think I have seen Bailey sleddig a laughing in the show. We are throwing him a huge birthday party today. He loves you all

  12. Yes, I thinks Angel Foley has the 411 on this. I thinks you can do whatevers makes you happy at the Bridge! And I thinks everyone is havin' a good ole' time at his Barkday Pawty!
    Ruby ♥♥

  13. I think there probably is snow. But there are plenty of warm places to sit and watch and dream.

    Happy Birthday (and now you can make real snow angels)

    Mara from Norway

  14. We hope Angel Bailey and Angel Dory are snuggling and enjoying Birthday Cake (and ice cream if Dory has any say in the matter) as they keep watch over us from the Rainbow Bridge....
    Sending Hugs and Love!

  15. Those kinds of triggers never seem to dampen our love for these special angel dogs. My Standard Poodle McKenzie has been gone over 15 years and I still recall his galloping like a sled-dog in snow storms. Since Denver has perennials still blooming, feel free to send the snow south to us.

  16. I sure do miss Mr. Bailey. We will remember him as we celebrate Bentley's 10th birthday today. XXOO

  17. Ohhhh Mr. Bailey we know there is sun shine and roses and light breezes and I hope lots of buttie pillars for you to enjoy over the Bridge. It was very kind of you to give your most gorgeous red plaid bow tie to Mayor Arty.
    Happy 15th over the Bridge my sweet Huggie Puggie
    Madi your bfff

  18. Poor Mr. Bailey - we can imagine the snow would not have made him very happy. But if there IS snow over the RB, we can only guess that our four Angels are giving him a sleigh ride through the drifts and he is loving it.

    Woos - Lightning, Misty, and Timber

  19. Your words are sooooo full of love,,,,
    We miss Mr Bailey too.... we always will...
    One thing I know for sure is that at the Rainbow Bridge,, there are lots of treats,, and magic bubbles to chase,,,, and lots and lots of our old friends... and there are angels too.. So if it perhaps snows a flake or two,.,, the angels wrap their wings around our friends,, to get them warm.. and then they go walk in the not so deep snow,, to make tracks,,, just like the paw tracks they left on out hearts.

  20. Oh your words made me cry. I miss seeing Mr. Bailey on the blog and can't imagine how it is for you. Happy Birthday at the Bridge Mr. Bailey!
    Marty's Mom

  21. Aw. I hope he has met my Nettie. She would love to play with him in heaven.