Monday, October 28, 2013

The Leaves Keep Falling

It is that time of year
the leaves have turned and are
starting to fall to the ground
 On Saturday
I thought I would help Dad clean up the leaves

But something kept moving under the leaves

I tried really hard to find the leaf monster

It was just Dad teasing me with his hand
Well the joke is on him

 Cause look how many leaves there are to still fall
The other day
Mom was telling Dad that she
thinks it is strange that I
never cuddle with her on the couch
I will get on Dad's lap
but not Mom's
although I follow Mom everywhere.
Well Sunday morning Mom was thinking about
the losses that blogville has suffered in just
the last while and she was a little teary
and guess what?

I got right in Mom's lap

which made her even more teary
sheesh Mom!
And then we went outside
and look!
more leaves on the ground

Soon there will be the cold of winter
and the renewal of spring
will not be far behind
We are the PugRanch Kids
Bailey, Hazel & Greta


  1. Sees, you knew just what your mom needed! Dats cuz dogs be smart likes dat.

    Now bout these leaves...BWHAHAHAHAHAHA...your dad is gonna has a blast...NOT!
    We has leaves fallin' and I founded me a snake in 'em! Do be careful ya'll!


  2. Very sweet of you to comfort your mom. We know what to do at just the right time. The leaves are falling falling here too. I like to run through them And if there is a pile look out cuz I go leaf swimming.

  3. We have just been hit by storm Jude this morning and there are trees down everywhere on our park. Took over an hour to clean up our little garden. So many leaves and branches. It was quite scary. Have a marvellous Monday.
    Best wishes Molly

  4. OUR leaves are falling too and we loves running around in them. We also snuggled alot with our mom over the weekend, hers and wesa all needed it. She says wesa r the bestest medicine in the whole wide world.
    We are so glad you are our friends.
    Stella Rose, Maggie and Gussie

  5. Payton liked to crunch on certain leaves and would get Gammy to chance her around the yard. :-)
    I'm glad you finally gave your mom some snuggles.

  6. That was very nice that you were there as your mom was sad. We have a lot of leaves too in my back yard, hope I'm well soon that I can search for that monster :o)

  7. SO good of you to help your dad with the Leaves and then to CUDDLE with your mom... just when she needed it most. WHAT would Peeps do without us?

  8. You don't snuggle a lot so when you DO it means a whole bunch! Leaves are fun to play in, aren't they? It's awful nice of Mother Nature to give you so many to play with, even with your dad trying to get rid of them.

  9. That's a big job. Only palm leaves fall around here

  10. Hi Pug Kids! Whoa, you have a lot leaves falling by you. You are so lucky to be able to play in the piles of leaves. We don't get that here in South Florida...everything stays green all the time. Great cuddles photos!
    *high paw*

  11. Dogs know when we need comforting. Glad you were there for your mom. Looks like cleaning up those leaves is an uphill battle--at least until the rest of them fall off!

    Susan and Wrigs

  12. We are reading this RIGHT before heading outside to make a dent in the leafy mess! Too bad Cocco can't come out with us. Acorns and all :-)

  13. Oh, that was so sweet of you to cuddle your mom when she needed it. Our garden looks the same. When you said the joke was on your dad, we half expected to say he had stuck his hand in dog poo!
    Dip Bridge and Elliot x

  14. Good afternoon to my lovely gal pals...
    You all have been working way too hard.

    Mom and I need to send you the blog hop code for the Howl-o-ween blog hop.
    Please send us your email address to

  15. Good afternoon to my lovely gal pals...
    You all have been working way too hard.

    Mom and I need to send you the blog hop code for the Howl-o-ween blog hop.
    Please send us your email address to

  16. Wow, those are a lot of leaves! I'm very happy to see that you are all enjoying this autumn. :)

  17. Gizmo has gotten a lot of extra hugs lately...It helps when I think of all the recent sadness...Your dad was up to some fun leafy mischief with you and with all those leaves there's lots more to come

  18. Mom says I am a great cuddle dog. Every now and again I will cuddle dad but mostly it is mom and me. Stanley isn't much of a cuddler but he is starting to learn the benefits.

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  19. Aww you guys are just so sweet ...we wondered over off the leash from Dip Dip and The Bridge blog to say "Bark on cute Pugs ! " :)
    Nice to meet you,
    from Jayda,Cricket and Gaby T. Terrier ~ the dogs at Willows Farm !

  20. Wow, that's so leaves are all falling here too! Definitely a Fall thing. My dad mows over 'em with the mower while I bark like a maniac. BOL Great job cuddling with your Mom to make her feel all better.
    Grr and Woof,
    Sarge, COP

  21. You can't enjoy fall without jumping in a big pile of leaves!

    And that was very nice of you to comfort your mom. There has been quite a bit of sadness indeed in blogville lately.

  22. Our trees that drop leaves are mainly in the bush so we don't get to help rake them, which is good cause Lady hates raking. It was good of you to help. It was also very good of you to give your mom a lot of love. Last week was a sad week and we know our Lady needed some extra love! Lee and Phod

  23. Your home really has a big tree, and it must have 3 zillions leaves on it! Gosh- so many already fell!!
    Do you know that worms love leaves? Yup they do! I have a worm garden.
    I know your mommas heart has been very sad-- yes, blogville is sad-- and mine too...
    you knew just the right moment to go love your momma-- we all kinda know that right moment- when eyes look sad and quiet....
    I am glad you comforted your momma.
    Well- tomorries is another day- and more leaves to fall- here too!
    Maybe you will again help your daddy

  24. Gosh that's a lot of leaves! Your dad is lucky you didn't bite the "Leaf Monster." BOL!

  25. Oh what fun those leaves look, I normally go on Daddy's lap too :) xxooxx

    Mollie and Alfie

  26. Hi Bailey, Hazel & Greta,
    I love the Atumn leaves, they fall from the trees so wonderfully, the colours and the crunching noises that they make, its so much fun! I love that your Daddy made you think that there was a leaf monster Tee,Hee, thats must have been tones of fun for you ... pitty that there really wasnt one, especially as Howl-o-ween is fast approaching, there could have been a leaf ghost!
    I cant believe that all those leaves were raked up and now more have fallen!
    I'm glad you snuggled up to your momma when she was feeling sad, it has been really upsetting to see so many of our Blogville furiends cross the rainbow bridge and gain their glittering wings but I know they are all looking down on us and playing happily with eachother!
    Love and licks from your furiend Frank xxxxxxxxxxxx

  27. Those pics of you looking for the Leaf Monster are too cute! That is very sweet that you got up in your mom's lap. You knew she needed a little snuggle!

  28. I love to play in the leaves, too, Greta - you never know what you might find under there (I'm waiting for the day when I find like a whole bag of baby carrots). I also tend to be a bit spare on the cuddling, but it's because I like to save it for when it really counts. Sounds like you did the same with your mom. That's a very cute pic of you on her lap. I'm sure you made her day!


  29. Hey sweet Greta, Bailey and Hazel...what a precious post.
    Snuggles are good.
    Hugs Madi your bfff

  30. Oh boy a leaf pile what fun. FYI be sure to spread your love around the peeps love that.

    Aroo to you,