Monday, October 5, 2015

Angel Greta's 3rd Annual Button Giveaway

Hi Friends - Angel Greta here!

In 2013 Mom & I had a special button giveaway for
 Breast Cancer Awareness Month

It was such a great success we wanted to do it again

My unexpected departure for the Rainbow Bridge did not stop us from doing it  in 2014 because I let Mom know that I am always here 
- in her heart - 
and we will still do this together

So here we are again in 2015 
and my Mom is celebrating 4 yrs as a Breast Cancer Survivor.

 I came into Mom's life just a few months 
after she completed her radiation treatments
 and I was an important part of her overall recovery. 

so once again we want to share with you the story of .....

How I Became Mom's "Pink" Dog
by Angel Greta
Mom has NEVER liked the color PINK
her favorite colors are green and purple

 you may have noticed that I
wore a lot of PINK

 Two Three  Four years ago something happened


After having her yearly check up
Mom was told she needed a biopsy

Two days before the start of
Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Mom was told she had breast cancer

Then not only did she not like PINK
Trying to come to terms with the Big C diagnoses
and PINK was in her face everywhere she went.

Surgery was scheduled and followed soon after
 by 6 weeks of radiation treatments

It was then that Mom began to realize
just how lucky she was

 She does her wellness check ups every year
 so her cancer was caught early

 She has a family that loves her and needs her
and she will be here for them
for a long time to come

  Mom realized that during
 Breast Cancer Awareness Month
she can let people know that
early detection saves lives 

so she decided
 to embrace the color "PINK"
 and that, my friends
 is how I became Mom's "Pink" dog.

Dear Furiends!

 Please make sure your loved ones
educate themselves about the risks of breast cancer 
and the importance of mammograms if they are over 40,

earlier if there is a history of breast cancer in the family.

Early detection can make such a difference!
In recognition of Breast Cancer Awareness Month

we are once again having a little giveaway!

From the Café Press Shop of

we have
 Pug w/pink ribbon mini buttons  
(1” diameter) to send out to our friends

They look great on a blouse, lapel,
 or pinned on a hat (that’s where Mom’s human son wore his).
Maybe you want to show support for someone close to you
 that is battling this disease, or honor a loved one lost
or just want to help spread awareness. 
Maybe your peep is a survivor like our MOM.
  We need our peeps to take care of themselves
so they can take care of us!
Those of you that received a button last year, 
we hope you are wearing it proudly!

If you would like a button
 send us an email with your snail mail addy to
pugranch2 AT msn DOT com
We will send the buttons anywhere!

This year we have 20 buttons
when they're gone they're gone!

  **Update** as of 10/09 am
18 buttons have been claimed!

Angel Greta & Mom


  1. Well done Angel Greta, this is a great way to spread a very impawtant message!
    (and its good to hear from you!)
    Loves and licky kisses
    Princess Leah xxx

  2. Greta, I'm so glad that your mom is a survivor and I'm glad she will spread the word with this buttons. Mom's BFF got the "all clear" last week and celebrated her 3rd anniversary. I agree with you early detection saves your life and there are a lot of treatments what will chase the big C away.

  3. Hari OM
    I LLOOOOOOVVVVEEEE my Greta Badge and it is on my handbag, so gets seen by lots of peeps. I had something of the same aversion to pink (I am an orange/yellow gal) - but my mother having the diagnosis meant a change of attitude to that hue.... Hope you get lots of takers this year!!! Hugggies,,,, YAM xx

  4. Sweet Greta your momma has been our own angel for my mom, helping answer questions and even wiping tears from far far away..............we believe you came at the most perfect time in your moms life, you had a mission to complete and you did, ....we love you little G........stella rose, mags and gussie boy.

  5. Oh Angel Greta, is so good to see you, lovely girl! I have missed you but I know you are looking out for all of us from the Bridge. Ma says she would proudly put that cute button on her ball cap (the one she wears when camping or volunteering at Habitat). It will go great with all the other buttons she has on that cap! I will be sure we send you our snail mail addy...unless you already have it?!?

  6. Mom's friend still has her Angel Greta button and she is now cancer free.

    Aroo to you,

  7. We miss you Greta and would be honored to have a button
    Lily & Edward

  8. Darling Angel Greta and Mom!!!
    You are an inspiration and what a wonderful way to spread AWARENESS and Support of Breast Cancer patients and survivors!! Last year we had you send one to our Auntie Karen...she loves and gets lots of compliments on it.
    Angel Greta..just so you know you are not a picture of you on a greeting card in her jewelry drawer. your mom sent to her. Mom sees it everyday and it reminds her of you!!
    Hugs madi your bfff

  9. Dear Angel Greta
    I still have my PINK button from your first giveaway. It is so special to me. My grandma who I never met had breast cancer. She eventually died of cancer which might have been misplaced breast cancer (she'd had a mastectomy). So Mommy began to honor her by supporting cancer research and educating peoples about it as well. October is a big month for us and we wear our pink in HOPE that someday we won't have to feel threatened by this disease.
    Love Noodles

  10. We are so glad yer Momma is a survivor! My Momma's momma is a survivor, too-- she wuz diagnosed when she wuz 80...

  11. I remember reading this last year and thinking what a wonderful thing it is for y'all to do. I have a mammogram scheduled for next week. I have been neglecting them for the last few years so I am hoping everything is good.

  12. You know what ~ Lee got out her button the 1st day of October and today she is wearing a gray sweater with pink heart which $20 from the sale of the sweater went to Breast Cancer Awareness and she has your pin on the sweater.
    I wonder if you could send a pin to our friend who had breast cancer and beat it also. She is off of tamoxifen now which she took for five years.
    Thanks for being a friend
    Sweet William Thecot

  13. We're glad your mom is helping make others aware. We hope she is doing great!

  14. Such a lovely idea. Pocket came into Mommy's life when she was diagnosed with breast cancer. She is seven years cancer free. This is a beautiful thing your Mom is doing. Sending her kisses for doing it.

  15. I'd luv gettin a button! My great-grandma are a breast cancer survivor too.

  16. What a special story. So glad it was caught early! We'll send an email - Rita and I would be honored to have a button!

  17. Your mom is lucky to have you as an angel. We are so glad she beat the cancer monster! Our button is on our bulletin board and Lady loves it!

  18. Our pink button has a very special place on our shelf to remind us of you, Angel Great, and how you help your Mama spread the word that Early Detection is so very important!!
    Big Hugs!!
    Dory, Arty, Jakey and Bilbo

  19. I am so happy that your mom is now 4 years cancer free. The wonderful trainer who helped me learn how to heal Shyla's fear got breast cancer at just about the time that Shyla arrived in our lives. Despite her treatments (surgery, chemo, radiation), our trainer still met with us weekly to teach us. She's now 3 years cancer free. I'll send you an email because I'd love to have a button. It would also be in memory of my Mom who lost her battle a long time ago, before treatment for breast cancer became so advanced. And, don't you worry, I started my yearly checkups when I was very young due to my family history.

  20. What a wonderful post and message! We still have our button from last year, just looked at it the other day in fact! So glad the cancer free years are adding up!!!!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  21. Angel Greta, your right,,we are all doing this together,,,,
    Were following you,,,all the way.
    I love my button,,, its very special to me.

  22. Angel Greta, it is so FABulous to see you again gurl!! Ma is goin' in December to gets her second one (she had her very furst last year, and it was sooooo easy peasy!!!). I still have my badge from last year, it's on my leash so I can look at you everyday!!
    Ruby ♥

  23. That is a wonderful story! We are SO happy to hear that your mom remains cancer free and we are also glad to report that our mom and Auntie Kym are both vigilant with regards to this particular form of cancer.
    Thank you sharing this with us Angel Greta.
    BIG licks,
    Wally & Sammy

  24. Mommy loves reading this story every year. We are so happy that pink came through and that your Mommy is doing good. My Mommy had uterine cancer so she understands. I am sending love and licks for all of you!

    Ziggy Out!!

  25. That is great!! So glad that your mom is survivor!! It was a great story of Greta!!


  26. Hi Angel Greta! We miss you here on earth - thank you for looking out for everyone. Those pins are a great idea! I love the story of how you helped your mom through her recovery.