Wednesday, November 14, 2018

It's Another Puggy Birthday!

It's My Birthday!  It's My Birthday!!

It doesn't seem so long ago that 
 I was just a little puggy

And now I am 4 years old!

You won't believe what Mom & Dad got me for my birthday!

Honda CRV
My very own car! 

Mom seems to think it's her's

but it says PUGTAXI so it has to be mine!

Happy Birthday to me!


We are the PugRanch Kids
Hazel & Mabel


  1. That is a super fabulous gift and the color fits pawfectly to your fur! Happy Happy Barkday to youuuuu!

  2. What??? You got a new SUV for your birthday??
    Oh Mable I did not know you were old enough
    to drive.You will have to let your ma and pa
    taxi you around in the beautiful new car!!!
    Maybe they will take you to get ice cream and cake.
    Happy Birthday sweet heart.
    ♥ Astro and Mitzie

  3. WooHoo Happy 4th my Huggy PUggy friend Mabel...OMPs your very own set of wheels in gawgeous Puggish Tan and a special vanity plate. I love it.
    I'd be happy to be your taxi driver.
    Hugs Cecilia

  4. Happy Barkday Mabel!!!! We like your new wheels.

  5. Happy Birthday, Mabel! Wow - that is one sensational gift your peeps gave you!

  6. Hari Om
    Well, mum will be your chauffeur, so I guess you let her kid herself! HAPPIEST OF HAPPY BARKDAYS DARLING MABEL!!! I can't quite believe it's four years already... hugs and wags, YAM-aunty xxx

  7. Happy happy barkday, and we LOVES the Pugtaxi! I keep asking Momma when we're getting one of those Boxer Moving Wagons, but she doesn't listen.

  8. Happy Birthday Mabel! That was so nice of your pawrents to give you a new car for your big day. We just love the license plate and the decals around it.

  9. Happy Birthday Mabel! Hope you have the best day ever. I can't believe you are four years old!

  10. What a wonderful gift. We got Lexi a Lexus one year...seemed fitting. Hope you have a wonderful birthday and get to go on only fun rides in your new car.

  11. Bwahaahaa! Definitely yours! Happy Birthday!

  12. Happy 4th Birthday to you, Mabel!!!! We hope you have a great year and MANY more to come. Our Mom got a new SUV yesterday too - we can't wait to ride in it and leave all our furs:)

    Woos - Lightning, Misty, and Timber

  13. Mabel, can you really be four? Happy Birthday!
    And OF COURSE it's your car. But perhaps you she just let Mom think it's hers and that way keep the peace?
    Toodle pip!

  14. That is an excellent gift! Happy birthday dear Mabel!

  15. What a pawesome Birthday Pressie your pawrents got you(and Hazel)! Pawfect to drive the wheelie house to Utah in :-)!!

    Hope you are having the bestest birthday EVER!!
    Love and smoochies!

  16. Happy birthday Mabel! Wow! Your own car? Hope you get to go lots of places (other than the vet) in that car!

  17. Woooo hoooo!! Your very own car!!! But...are you even old enough to drive??? BOL!! Happy Happy Birthday!! xoxo

  18. Happy birthday Mabel and congratulations on the car. Cool! Now you can come visit us

  19. HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY BURTHDAY SWEET MABEL!!!! And WOWSA!!! A new ride too??!!! SCORE!!!
    Ruby ♥

  20. Happy Birthday wonderful, sweet, and beautiful Mabel! I can't believe that you're four either! It does feel as if we met you just yesterday. When do the driving lessons start?

  21. OMD a car fur your barkday dat has to be da bestest present efur. I hope you get control of the window up and downer fing ;) Happy Birthday Mabel!!

    Matt & Matilda

  22. We missed your birthday, too!?!? Happy belated birthday, Mabel! We just love your new ride!
    Cam and Mags

  23. Wow! Marcus is jealous. Jan says he can only back seat drive in his vehicle. You have your very own taxi. Belated Happy Birthday, Mabel.

  24. Happy [belated] birthday sweet Mabel. Hope it was grand!