Friday, June 7, 2019

Nature Friday

Hello Furiends!

It's me!  Hilda!
Mom said I could show you the pretty flowers in our yard
for Nature Friday with Rosy, Jakey and Arty

the weather has been cool and rainy

Then some sunny days made the flowers grow!

So many pretty colors!

this is my favorite!

I love playing in my yard with my sister Mabel

Happy Nature Friday Everyone!

We are the PugRanch Kids
Mabel & Hilda


  1. your favorite is really super fabulous... it's amazing what only 1 day with sun can do for our plants... like magic ;O)

  2. Your flowers are so pretty, Hilda, and we love the ones planted in the tree stump! You and Mabel look so happy together!

  3. Aww, you look like Mabel's mini-me! I love seeing you so happy together!

  4. Your flowers are beautiful! We just know you two are having a great time playing together. Has Mabel shown you how to walk the teeter totter yet?

  5. Hilda thank you for showing us your Nature. Well done wee one!! What a beautiful new yard you have to romp and grow and play chase in with Mabel.
    Hugs Cecilia

  6. That was a wonderful report, Hilda! You're already a professional reporter! Oh, and what lovely flowers you have!

  7. Hari OM
    Darling Hilda, you are now officially a Blogvillager and have made your very own first post!!! Brava!!! Hugs and wags, YAM-aunty xxx

  8. Hilda, you are getting the hang of this blogging business with unbelievable speed. Gail and I are SO IMPRESSED. We love your Nature Friday.
    Toodle pip!

  9. Mini Me...that was our first thought...BOL! Such beautiful flowers. We hope Mabel has shown you how to nose around in the plants. Peeps just love that!

  10. Hilda, you are just too cute for words!! What beautimous flowers you found...but the cutest flowers are in the last picture!
    Rosy, Jakey & Arty

  11. Hilda I am so happy that you are showing us pretty flowers! They are just beautiful! And you and your sissy Mabel are so cute together!
    Thank you for sharing your flowers with us!

  12. Gurls your flowers are pawsome!!!!! I wish it was cool here, butts it's gonna gets into the mid 90's this weekend and next week too! Can I come play with you gurls??
    Ruby ♥

  13. Your flowers look great but you are definitely the cutest thing in the yard. You and your big sister make me want a pug sooooo badly!

  14. Hilda, your favorite flower pot is mine too. ~Miss Amy
    Hi Hilda, you sure are tiny next to Mabel. We will be watching you grow and play in YOUR yard. XOX Lucy and Xena

  15. I love you, Miss Hilda! You are as cute as a button, and even prettier than even the most beautiful flowers!!!! But I do love your flowers too.

  16. Oh Hilda, your flowers are are lovely as you and your sister. 🌸

  17. The flowers look spectacular but the picture of the two of you together made my day.