Friday, November 9, 2012

Flashback Friday

Hazel's Accomplishments
Hazel earned her Rally Novice Title in 2006.
Three days, three qualifying scores!
 In 2007 she got her first leg towards
her Companion Dog Title in obedience
with a score of 189.5 out of 200.
I only go to a couple of shows each year
and in 2008 we did not qualify once.
Close, but there would be one thing that would
keep us from qualifying.
Then June 2009 she finished her Companion Dog title
in fine style with two first place scores.

Later that summer Hazel earned
her Rally Advanced title.
Three days, Three qualifying scores.

Mom messed up and entered us in the wrong class.
I entered us in the "A" Class but because
she had earned her C.D. title we were
supposed to be in the "B" Class.
AKC would not award her the title.
And in true silly pug fashion
  we have not gotten a qualifying score since!!
 (she would rather be a clown)

We took this year off from Rally
but we did enter a Veterans Class
in obedience for dogs 7 yrs and older
that have an obedience title.

We tied for 3rd Place!


Off leash heeling

Sit Stay

People are surprised when a pug
out performs some of the more traditional obedience breeds!!
look out - Greta's next! 

We are the PugRanch Kids
Bailey, Hazel & Greta


  1. Well I think all that is very impressive!
    Before my MOM got me (at 6 months, when the people who had me before abandoned me) they were training me to be a show dog. But that is not for me now or even then. My MOM says I am still a show dog, I show lots of love.

  2. Well we sure in the heck need to be trained at our house although we have mom trained pretty good! She is trained to bring us new treats, and toys and to give us lots of hugs! I bet greta will do great!!
    stella rose

  3. Hazel, you are amazing and should be so proud of your accomplishments!! Very cute too!