Wednesday, November 7, 2012


Today our sweet Hazel is 8 yrs old!!!
We had no intention of getting another pug when
Hazel joined the family, we already had four,
CharShu, Pugsley, McKenzie and 2 yr old Bailey.
Then our daughter (who lives 500 miles from us)
 rescued a pair,
Sophia & Buzz
She was told Sophia would come into heat in a couple of months.
They had no intention of having puppies but it was not long before it became obvious
that Sophia was already pregnant. The birth was difficult.
 Of the six pups born, 3 were stillborn,
one failed to thrive and died the following day. 
Our daughter was devastated.
Sophia was not settling in to take care of the remaining two.
Then 3 days later she gave birth to one more healthy boy!!
Sophia was then a great mom and Buzz a proud papa.

I went to visit when the pups were 4 wks old and fell in love with "Star"
but still had no intention of adding one to our pug family.

A few more weeks went by and little Blondie had found a home with a good friend
and our daughter could not part with the boy, Brutus.
"No pressure Mom"  she said,
"but I know Star would have a wonderful home with you"
 And so "Star" became Hazel.
And this baby girl who was so full love and kisses
joined our family.
She still wakes us every morning with sweet kisses
And although the grey has crept into that sweet face
She will always be our "baby girl"
Happy Birthday Hazel!
We love you!

We are the PugRanch Kids
Bailey, Hazel  & Greta 


  1. Oh hazel happy birthday you have such a sweet little face!!!! That was a very nice story about how you came to live at your furever are a lucky and much loved little pug!!
    I am blessed to be your friend.
    Stella rose

  2. Hap Hap Happy birthday Hazel. Love your story and it just goes to show that it was meant to be.

  3. Happy Birthday Hazel!

    You were adorable then AND Now!


  4. What a wonderful birthday story! My eyes are even a little bit watery. She was meant to be a part of this great family. Happy Birthday, Hazel!

  5. Happy birthday, Hazel. You were and still are one adorable pug!