Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Just Call Me.......

Greta Pug Munchskin
Canine Good Citizen

Yep, thats right!!
I passed my Canine Good Citizen test last night!
I was still a little wiggly for the petting but it was OK!
And I even let the lady look at my teeth, sort of.
Mom almost freaked out when the lady said
"let's look at your teeth"
cause they are only supposed to look at your ears
and touch your paw.
But I handled it real well!
Now I can start training for
 competitive obedience and rally! 
And check out what Mom & Dad found at Petco
They thought it might help with my thing about chewing on sticks
but it just isn't the same :-(
We are the PugRanch Kids
Bailey, Hazel & Greta


  1. oH wow congrat's on your award..wow you had to do alot of things really well to win that...we don't have anything like that type of training around herein the wilds of southeast iowa..i guess they just think all dogs tree coons and hunt deer around here and don't need no training.......love that wood thingy let us know how you like it!!
    stella rose

  2. Way to go on the Good Canine citizenship!! And thank for stopping by to visit me. I just love Stella Rose she is a real good friend. Now since this is my first stop by I am not sure what's up with your stick chewing. But if you know one thing about me know this...I LOVE STICKS! I have been chewing them for over 12 years. I don't eat them, just chew them And any size is fine with me, small, big, tree trunk size. I look for ward to getting to know you better.

  3. Hi Greta
    Congrats on passing your good Canine Citizenship test. So cool.
    I like to chew on sticks a lot but my Mommy #2 has a MAJOR freak-out when I do. Now I don't try it too often. Those freak-outs can be embarrassing.
    Love Noodles

  4. Hi Greta!
    Congratulations!! Keep up the awesome work!


  5. Whahoo on your Good Citizen Award! That stick chewy sure looks good, let us know if you like it. Otis & Black Pearl

  6. Big congratulations!!! Sequoia has been the only pug that has gone to school in our pack...and she seems to be the mischievous one too...hmmm hope that doesn't ring true for you!

  7. Congratulations Greta Pug Munchskin ... that is a great accomplishment!!!!!

    Love Zoe, Peyton, Webster, Liberty & Whitney

  8. Congratulations, Greta! We are all so proud of you!