Friday, December 7, 2012

Flashback Friday

Bailey's Accomplishments

In 2005 AKC offered Rally Obedience
as a new event in the obedience ring.

Bailey was one of the first dogs in our training group
to earn the Rally Novice Title.

And although Bailey loved spending the time with Mom, 
he did not really like going to the obedience trials.
All the people and strange dogs seemed to stress him out.
He would bark alot at the other dogs,
which stressed Mom out.

We did participate in some for fun team competitions.
I designed this for our team shirts one year when he was
on a team with three girls!

In 2010 AKC added the Beginner Novice Class.
I thought this was a good opportunity to get Bailey
back in ring as there was no off leash work.
The first day we did not qualify -
 he laid down on his sit stay.

But the second day - OH BOY!
First Place  198.5 pts out of 200!!
Third day - First place again!

We had to wait till the next year to
 get that last leg for the title.
I entered us for two days just in case.
First Place both days!!

Bailey's the Man!!