Monday, December 17, 2012

Olive - Our Littlest Angel

Mom told me Olive's story today.

You see I have always given Mom & Dad lots of kisses
but I have not been much of a snuggler until lately.
Just this last week or so I have snuggled with Mom alot.
She thought it was because I am starting to settle down a little,
but I could sense a sadness deep in her heart.
I knew she needed me.

Today would have been Olives' first birthday

and although it hurts sooo much,
Mom knew she needed to tell me and you about Olive.
Because if she didn't it would be like she was never here.

But she was, if only for a little while.

Mom told me that when CharShu went to wait
at the Rainbow Bridge in 2009,  
it took her and Dad a long time to decide
to add another pug to the family.
When they did decide it was time, 
it was Olive that Mom picked out.

Olive was only 5 weeks old and Mom waited 4 long weeks.
 Tuesday Feb 21, 2012 was Olives gotcha day.
(hmm I was born the next day)
She came on an airplane
and traveled all day to her new home.
The plane was 3 hrs late
(mom was already stressed about Olive flying)
and that night she got to sleep on the bed right
in between Mom & Dad cause Mom could not stand the thought of putting her in the crate after such a long day.

Mom took the week off from work so she could help
Olive and Bailey and Hazel get to know each other.

Bailey was standoffish (he was with me too)
but Hazel played and chased with her new little sister
( just like she does with me now).
That first weekend the weather was nasty
with snow & wind.
It was hard to get the dogs outside to potty.
Olive had learned to use the ramp up to the bed right away
and Mom caught her on the bed peeing!
Mom no sooner got the comforter washed and on the bed,
Yep! up she went and peed again! Silly girl!
Three times she peed on the bed that day!
(I have never peed on the bed mom!)
( I know Greta but you have done plenty of other naughty things)

Olive was so sweet and so smart.
After that day she was showing signs of understanding
house training despite the winter cold.
She was soo funny about going poop,

she would go to the very edges of the yard to poop,
even going in the flower bed a few times.
(I do that too Mom)
(Yes, Greta. You do that too!)
(Olive must have let you know that Mom and Dad appreciated that)
Mom went back to work the next Monday.
Everybody was getting into a routine and it was
already like Olive had always been there.
Thursday evening Hazel & Olive were chasing around
and things were getting heated.
 Mom thought Hazel was starting to get mad
so she scooped Olive up.
Olive relaxed for just a second
then squirmed right out of her arms.
(that's why sometimes Mom holds me extra tight)
She hit the floor and ran from the room crying.
Dad picked her up but she did not stop crying,
they knew something was terribly wrong.
Mom called their vet and they rushed her there.
The Dr. said that Olives brain was swelling,
 she gave her a shot to try to stop the swelling 
and another to try to relax her.
Mom was a total basket case.
Their wonderful doctor grabbed some supplies,
wrapped Olive in a blanket and said she would take her home with her and put her in bed right beside her
and care for her, it looked grim but call in the morning.

They went home and sat in silence
Mom prayed for a miracle
Dad prayed for God to do the right thing.

Olive only lived a few more hours.

Mom and Dad put together a special box for Olive's ashes
Her box sits center on the shelves along with the others
that are waiting at the Rainbow Bridge.
 This is what it says on her box.

Those we have held in our arms for a little while
We hold in our hearts forever
In Loving Memory
12/17/2011 - 03/01/2012


  1. Thank you for sharing Olive with us, she is a beautiful angel. Lots of love to you.

    Meredith & Scarlet

  2. what courage and love for olive does this story hold...thank you for sharing it with us, thank you for letting us into your heart. She was a beautiful little pug and it was a terrible accident. After you shared it with me, I told Butch and because of you we make sure that Maggie is held tighter, and watched more when heights are involved...because of YOU...I am sending you a hug today, I hope you can feel it.
    Again, we are blessed you have you as a friend.
    Stella Rose, and Mom

  3. I have tears in my eyes. What a sweet girl. Thank you for sharing her with us.

  4. Clearly the Lord wanted Olive to grace Heaven early because of how special she is and all our children at the Bridge have a most wonderful playmate in Olive, so I hope you are at peace with your loss! I will certainly include Olive in my prayers for those at the Bridge.


  5. I am proud of you for being strong enough to share this story! You are a very special person and love all the little pugs that come to your home. You are also the best grandma a grandkid can ask for! I love you very much grandma and am sending a special hug your way today because I know what a tough day this is for you!
    Shea :)

  6. How brave of you for sharing! We have tears rolling down our faces. So sorry!

    Suki & Mom

  7. What a heartbreaking story ... Thank you for sharing!

    Pug Hugs, Ellen

  8. Thank you for sharing Olive's story with us. We know it was not easy for you to relive all that happened. We know your heart is still hurting. Tears are falling from our eyes- because we care so much.
    It was a terrible accident.
    Little Olive is with the angels and all those who run free at the Bridge..
    We will remember Olive always- she will remember you,

  9. This made me cry. Oh I am so so so sorry about this. It must have been so hard for you. What a painful experience and terrible accident. It could happen to anyone when Tubby was a baby I dropped him and he hit his head and thank goodness he is ok, but he might easily not have been. We know Olive was so loved in her life and she loves you still

    urban hounds

  10. There is no doubt that Olive knew love and that is most important, but I know you still wish she was here with you. Payton will take care of her in heaven.